The Story of Elizabeth Collins

Elizabeth and Phoenix have been friends a few years. Everything seems like a big mess and problematic, but when getting injected with several syringes after a football game, those problems are multiplied, when Phoenix has the same encounter, and gain supernatural abilities. The group in control of this operation are determined to get Elizabeth and Phoenix's help to make the new race, and they are not taking no for an answer....


2. Sick


I was ready to pass out when I arrived at home.

"Elizabeth! What's wrong?" My Dad says. My mom was standing behind him, she must be feeling better. Blood is running down my arm and cheek, and is soaking the edges of the tears in my jeans. My breath is short, and I try to speak, but instead I collapse on the floor. My vision went black.


My eyes open for me to find myself in my own room. I still have that burning feel in my blood, but everything seems really cold. My stomach is churning and I have to grab a trash can for me to threw up in. I look down at my arms and nearly scream. There were red welts all over them. I look in a nearby mirror to see they were all over my face and neck as well. I could only recognize myself by my blond hair, cascading down my shoulders in waves. It reminded of me of Medusa in reverse. She was beautiful except for her hair of snakes, and my hair was fine while my skin is covered with welts.

That was off topic, but still, I was creeped out.

It must've been those men last night...... I think to myself. Repositioning myself, I fall back to sleep.


I wake up to my mom wiping my forehead with a cool rag.

"Hello." I say.

"Your sick." She replies.

"Thank you." I say.

"You have a really high temperature."

"Oh, that kind of sick." I say numbly. I feel kinda dumb, but a few kids at school call people "sick" as in gross or a loser. I had gotten so used to saying thanks to whoever said that to me, that I said that to my mom.....Oops.

"Do you think I will get to school on Monday?"

"Today is Tuesday."

"Oh." I say. Man, I am acting, REALLY stupid.

"Your boyfriend texted you, Elizabeth." Mom says. I reach for my phone in my pocket, but when not finding it there, Mom hands it to me.

"Danke." I say.

"Bitte." She replies. Yes, we were talking in German, get over it. I read his text asking where I am.

'I'm sick. Some creeper injected me with some form of drugs on the way home from the football game and tell your bro, congrats on the win.' I text back.

'STALKER ALERT!' He texts back.

'Yeah, your telling me.'

'No really! There are 3 men following me, I'm scared of two of them, they're totally ripped.'

'Where are you at?' I text him. I wait a minute. No reply. 5 minutes.....still nothing said. What did Phoenix get into?

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