The Story of Elizabeth Collins

Elizabeth and Phoenix have been friends a few years. Everything seems like a big mess and problematic, but when getting injected with several syringes after a football game, those problems are multiplied, when Phoenix has the same encounter, and gain supernatural abilities. The group in control of this operation are determined to get Elizabeth and Phoenix's help to make the new race, and they are not taking no for an answer....


5. Kidnap

"Mornin' Phoenix."I say when he meets up with me at the bus stop.
"Morning." He replies. One of Phoenix's other friends came over.
"'Sup, peoples." Sam says.
"Heyo." I say.
"Hullo." Phoenix says.
"Where were you yesterday, Phoenix?" Sam asks. 
"Sick. Had a temperature.....And....Zits." He says laughing and mocking what I had said 2 days before. 
"Zits? If I could get off school for having acne, I would not have made a single day of school, this year or last." Sam says. I roll my eyes at him being a dunce.
"We're kidding. I had a ton of welts, and when Liz came to visit, the first thing she said was 'well you have a lot of.....zits.'." Phoenix says. We both laugh at the memory. 
"Good times...." I say chuckling still. The Big yellow bus pulls up and we file in.

Classes pass faster than a tumbleweed in a tornado. Before we know it, school is over and we're waiting in line for the bus. Suddenly a plume of smoke rises from the bus. Everybody takes a step back. The old man driving the bus gets out and kicks the tire.
"Curse this old wagon. I knew I should've got a warranty."
I look at Phoenix and Sam. We were trying (and failing) to push the grin off our lips. I knew we were all thinking approximately the same thing. 'Dude, this guy!' The kids around weren't even trying to restrain themselves. They laughed aloud and proud.
"Laughing are you? Let's see if you're laughing while you're walking home! WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?" The old man yells. Everyone groans but our group just laughs at everyone else.
"Race you home!" I yell. We all take off. As I have said before, Phoenix is the fastest boy, only a few steps behind myself in a sprint. Sam is pretty fast too. After 200 meters, I'm 10 feet ahead of both of them, and Phoenix is 5 before Sam. I sprint around a corner, at an angle where the boys couldn't see me. Running past a large tree, I feel something trip me. I fall and face plant into the pavement. I feel hands pull my feet and myself off the sidewalk. A huge hand clamp over my mouth. I see Phoenix dart past the tree. A guy next to the man pinning me tripped Phoenix and pulled him in to a headlock. Phoenix and I realize their mistake in the same moment. Phoenix, being the karate pro he is, twists his hips and kicks my guy in the face. His grip loosens enough for me to the same to his guy. Phoenix squirms out of the mans grasp and sees Sam pass us.
"Sam! Run!" He screams before the man previously holding him mugs him from behind. The man then chases after Sam and something hits my head super hard, and all goes black.

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