The Story of Elizabeth Collins

Elizabeth and Phoenix have been friends a few years. Everything seems like a big mess and problematic, but when getting injected with several syringes after a football game, those problems are multiplied, when Phoenix has the same encounter, and gain supernatural abilities. The group in control of this operation are determined to get Elizabeth and Phoenix's help to make the new race, and they are not taking no for an answer....


3. Deja Vu


It's Tuesday. My friend just got a taste of the same rotten bread I had. I am sick. AND THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT. Ugh! I start flipping out, one of my flailing arms smack my mom's face. She grabs a pill on the side of the table. Mom shove it in my mouth and clamps it over my mouth. I look at her with furious eyes. Darkness crept into my vision and collapsed on all the light.


I wake up, I look at my skin.....and find nothing. I sigh with relief. I realize what happened last night and I start panicking again. I flip off my covers and run out of my room. I get to the hall, with my mother blocking the way.

"You're not going ANYWHERE, until I check your temperature!" She says. She pulls out an under tongue, and checks it.

"You're fine. Go! Be free child!" Very inspirational mum. She presses herself along the wall as I rush past her. In 14 seconds I was out of the front door and sprinting down the avenue.


Phoenix's POV

I stumbled and fell every 3 steps. I can't believe this happened. Dude, 4 random injections by creepy men? Not the best. My right hand put pressure on my elbow. I saw a girl streaking down the road, blond hair flowing behind her. After getting closer, I recognized it to be Elizabeth. I fell again and she pulls me back up and puts one of my arms around her shoulder, she pulled on it, and started dragging me in the general direction of my house.

"You look better." I mumble to her.

"Yeah, well, you don't, so there." She replies. I chuckle quietly as she drags me further. I realized I hadn't helped her a lick getting me home. I tried, but failed.

"Dude, since when have you been this light?" She asks curiously.

"Ummm.....I'm only 117 pounds...." I reply.

"Wow, you're only 8 pounds lighter than me."

"Yeah, I'm skin an bones while you're.....not." I say. Elizabeth is the sturdiest built girl I've ever met. She's also the fastest, and strongest. But I swear, she's never been strong enought to drag me this distance, while holding me almost fully upright.

"Thanks, Elizabeth." I say.

"No problem, bud." She says, not even looking at me.

"What did they look like?" She asks.

"Well, two were super buff, while the other one was a scrawny nerd. He made me look big." I explain.

"If its the guy I'm thinking of, it wouldn't take much. You are VERY tall, after all. You have no thickness though."

"Captain obvious...." I mutter.

"I heard that! Now did he inject you with some syringes all creepy-like?" Elizabeth asks.

"Yep. Three if 'em." I say.

"I wonder....." She murmurs.

"You wonder? That's new." I say. If she wasn't busy saving me, I think she would've slapped me.

"Shut up." She says. I look up to see we were on my lawn. She lays me down gently, and runs up to the door. After ringing the door bell, she starts alternating between hopping up and down or running in place with anticipation. Elizabeth runs back to me. Helps me up, and brings me to the door.


Elizabeth's POV

I suddenly notice how hot Phoenix's skin is getting. The door opens.
"I think Phoenix is getting sick, Mrs.  Ryder." I say. She helps me pull him up into his room.
"Thanks, Elizabeth. You should probably go home now." Mrs. Ryder says. I nod silently and leave. I run back home, feeling super strong, and fast. It was freedom, but it didn't feel quite right, as I worried what that scientist had done to me.

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