The Story of Elizabeth Collins

Elizabeth and Phoenix have been friends a few years. Everything seems like a big mess and problematic, but when getting injected with several syringes after a football game, those problems are multiplied, when Phoenix has the same encounter, and gain supernatural abilities. The group in control of this operation are determined to get Elizabeth and Phoenix's help to make the new race, and they are not taking no for an answer....


6. Awakening

(Phoenix's POV)

I wake up in total darkness. I feel ropes binding my wrist to another person's wrists. Their shallow breaths are interrupted with a groan.
"What the yak?" I hear the person say. I grin at the recognition of Elizabeth's voice.
"Elizabeth, It's me."
"What's up? Something must be wrong, you called me Elizabeth." She says. I feel her head turn.
"Oh yeah, that's what's wrong. We're kidnapped by creeps and are in total darkness so we can't see anything." She says. "Right." Liz says sighing. I don't know what she is talking about, as everything is slightly illuminated. We were in the corner and on the far wall, there was a door.
"There's a door on the other side of the room. If we got out of that, we would have a better chance." I say.

(Elizabeth's POV)

I had no idea how he knows that. It was pitch dark. I struggle against the bonds and they broke with ease we both pull our wrists back and massage feeling back into them.
"Let's go." I say. We stand and Phoenix leads me to the door. The door bursts open and light pours in, burning my eyes.
"Glad to see you've woken up." A voice says. I can't see the source of the talking, as I have a hand covering my eyes to protect them from the light. When I peek through my fingers, I see a silhouette walking towards Phoenix, who had buried his face in his hands.
"No! Stay away from me!" Phoenix yells. How does he know the man was walking towards him? Ask him, because it definitely beats me. The man then walks over to me and extends a hand. For lack of anything else to do, I take it, and he pulls me up. I do the same to Phoenix, and he accepts. The man leads us into a different room that looks like an office.
"Welcome to LIST!" He says.
"Come again?" I say.
"LIST is short for Lab In Scientific Testing."
"Nice to know...." Phoenix says.
"You see, you two are super human."
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