The Story of Elizabeth Collins

Elizabeth and Phoenix have been friends a few years. Everything seems like a big mess and problematic, but when getting injected with several syringes after a football game, those problems are multiplied, when Phoenix has the same encounter, and gain supernatural abilities. The group in control of this operation are determined to get Elizabeth and Phoenix's help to make the new race, and they are not taking no for an answer....


1. Football Game


"Elizabeth, sweetie! Are you ready?" My mom yells.

"Not really!" I yell back. I grab a pair of dark blue jeans, I pull them on, and they were snug around the thigh, but loose from the knee below. Perfect. I grab a shirt that complements and shows off what little figure I have. Finally, I grab a black jacket and pull it on.

"Come on, Elizabeth, you're going to make us late!" Mom yells.

"Nearly there!" I say pushing up the jacket sleeves up to my elbows, but leave the jacket wide open. Most girls put sparkly makeup and overload eye shadow for football games. I don’t do that because.......its not my style, you know? I dash through my bedroom, to the stairs, and down them.

"All done." I say.

"Then lets roll." She says. We walk to the car on the driveway, with my dad already at the wheel. Mom and I get in the car and the car pulls out of the driveway.

"You seem excited." Dad says.


"Is it your not-boyfriend?" Mom asks. I roll my eyes.

"He's not my boyfriend!" I say.

"That's why I said "not-boyfriend"." I let out a frustrated sigh. I hate it when people do that kind of thing. If I say we're not dating, maybe you could just believe me. But no! You have to assume everyone is lying. I pull out my phone and text him. 'Hey, text me when you get here' he replies, 'that sound coolz'

We arrive at the football stadium, and I immediately hop out of the car and head towards the gate. With student pass in hand, I pass through the gate for people with student passes. I flash the gate manager my card and then when the woman nods, I shove it in my pocket. I walk into the middle school section and take a seat on a bleacher with the most open seats around. I get a text. I'm here! I grin.

Phoenix walks over and jumps down beside me.

"Ello." He says.

"Heyo." I reply. "How was karate?"

"It was good. I got to kick people!" He laughs, scrunching his nose and revealing the braces on his teeth. For some reason, he's one of the only people that braces don't make him look nerdier. I laugh as well.

"What about basketball?"

"It was boring. But I did beat them all in every form of competition we had." I say. He smirks. We both turn back to the junior varsity game. They were losing. By a lot. I didn't really care. As long as our varsity stomped theirs.

Within 15 minutes, almost everyone that was coming to the football game was here. Since our school's mascot is the tiger, the inflatable tiger's head is being filling with oxygen. Everyone stands up clapping and cheering as the varsity finally runs out of the lion's mouth, through the banner, and onto the field.

I immediately get overexcited, and all my friends are telling me to chill, because my brother, Pete, is the starting quarterback. On the first play, Pete throws it long to Phoenix's brother, Griffin, for the touchdown. Before the first quarter was over, both Phoenix and I were both hoarse. A group of girls walk past my circle of friends, and stop and face us.

"Hey, are you guys dating?" One of the girls ask with a snotty grin.

"Nope."I say.

"You should! You guys would look good together." The girl's followers start giggling.

"No." I say simply. They walk off.

"That's, what? 16 people telling us that?" I say. Phoenix frowns with thought.

"No. It's 19. Get it right!" He says.

After about 6 more people tell us Phoenix and I would "look good" together, the game ends, the score being 52-12. I pull my phone out of my jean pocket and call my dad.

"Hey where are you?" I yell over the chaos in the student section.

"Oh! We're at home...I forgot to tell you, your mother got sick. Sorry, you'll have to walk home." It's not too far.

"See you later, Phoenix." I say, putting away my phone.

"See ya, Monday, Liz." He replies

"Yep." I walk out of the stadium and start down the road. After about a minute I start humming a popular One Direction song. Phoenix really hates One Direction, but boys are boys, right? You ignore them in these instances. I see a group of three men walking on the other side of the street. It was a rather peculiar group as the two on the outside we're extremely buff and wearing black ripped tank tips, showing their heavily muscled arms. The man in the middle was extremely scrawny and wearing a white lab coat carrying a schmancy brief case.

I keep walking. Suddenly the group walks across the street, and walks behind me on the sidewalk. I look back nervously, and pick up my walking pace. The group behind me speeds theirs up even faster. I start sprinting down the street at top speed, which is a lot faster than every kid in the grade, besides Phoenix. One of the buff men tackle me, scraping all of the skin on my hands and face, and ripping my clothes. The man flips me onto my back, and pins my limbs.

"What do you think you’re doing?" I yell. The man simply grunts as the science nerd dude catches up and kneels beside me. He has a calculating look in the eyes behind his glasses. The nerd guy opens the brief case.

The first thing he pulls out a syringe with red liquid in it. He stabs in into my bare elbow and pushes on its plunger. I scream and try to kick, but the firm grips the buff men have on me only become stronger. The scientist pulls out a second syringe. He also stabs this into my elbow. A blood-curdling scream continues out of my mouth. I felt the contents rush through my blood stream, burning me from the inside out. He pulls out 3 more syringes out and stab 2 of them into my elbow as well. One of the brute men roughly pull my jacket off my shoulder, and the last syringe plunges into my firm muscled shoulder. I'm still screaming when he closes the brief case and stands up. I'm too weak to do anything when I'm released and the group walks away. The screams die as tears roll down my cheeks burning the scrapes on them. I start panting and try to stand. When I gain my balance, a wobble myself the rest of the way home.


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