The Break Up

hi my name is Ariana Grande and this story is about how i go out with one of the one direction boys and then they break up with me right near the end and they as soon as they do that the boy regrets it and tries to come back and i keep changing the subject because i ound myself a new hottie and his name is ... read the story to find out.

the first chapter is going to have the main characters...


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

In the morning i woke up at 6:30am {i know early but at least i will be Louis there and i will get my present first} (all the things in {} are what i am thinking), anyway i stretched out so my legs and arms etc were all awake and then i slowly got out of bed and went into the bethroom in my bedroom, had a shower, i came out with my towel on and went straight to my pantie and bra draw i picked out my Sara Lee brand and put them on then got into my school clothes which is a white dress shirt, with a black high top skirt that has the logo of the school on the top right corner (the logo is small) and the girls have to wear black high heels any type so i wear my black stilettos that are very high and i have a school bag which is a black bag with fox written over it and a picture of the head of the fox.

anyway after i did that i went down stairs so i could have some breakfast and make my lunch, for breakfast i had a bowl og coco pops and i made a sandwhich that has polony in it and grabbed a couple of snacks for recess and a apple so i can eat it in class. then after that i had tii go back up stairs to brush my teeth and that i did i also done my hair and i mean i straightened it and the length of my hair is all the way just passed my butt (rear end) and it is red i like the colour red so i dyed my hair red and it is actually pretty coola dn then before i left the bathroom i quickly done my makeup then i left and got my school bag to put my school books in, my finished homework, my pencil case and my lunch that i brought upstairs to put in my bag.

i then quickly ran down stairs and got my keys off the bench because mum and dad are at work and then ran out of the door and locked it where i found no one sitting at the park bench so i decided to text Louis and ask where he was but i relised that my phone was laying on the grass of my house, i left my school bag there with the present for Louis i forot to mention i had that in my hand anyway as i picked up my phone i heard Louis say bye mum bye dad and then a dorr shut so i quickly ran to the park bennch where all my stuff was and Louis noticed me and i noticed him and i thought to myself man he is a hottie so i ran up to him and jumped up on to him and wrapped my legs around him and gave him a big kiss he gave one back to me and then put me down and held my hand while we went back to the park bench he then put his bag down and gave me his present for me it was a necklace that had real silver in it with real diamonds on it as well and it said [you will always been mine] and he told me not to ever take it off even if we break up and i gave him mine it was a a ring that had silver writing saying i love you to bits and the ring ahad little dots of real diamonds and i told him what he told me which was not to take it off even if we break up and he and he agreed so did i.

we then left the park and started to walk to school and on our to school as we got right next door to the school i got Nina and Louis Liam, Nina was really shy around Liam and Louis because she liked them and i was a  bit angry at her because she has a crush on my boyfriend and i was still her best friend though it is not like she is gonna break us two up or is she nahh just joking she will not do that. 


we then got to school and the school put an annoucmance that school is canceled for the rest of the wekk and today is canceled aswell so instead of us all going home we decided to go to the park and have lunch there and when we got there we all had a talk and then our other friends Niall, Zayn, Harry, Bella, Victoria and jade cam over so we went to my house and Louis is allowed to come in when there is another boy so he came in and we all went to my spair bedroom and they all decided to play seven minutes in heaven  and i had to roll first and it landed on Louis thank god for that when we went in ther we did not do that we just had to kiss in this one or do something just not all of it and we just decided to kiss because it was easier and the the seven minutes were up we cam out and we were holding hands and smiling then we went back to our spot and it was Liams turn because he was on the right of me he had a crush on me and then he spun te bottle and it landed on me the look Louis had was if you hurt her or do anything i will kill her and i got up and walk to the closet and Liam was smiling i told him to get his smile off his face then Harry locked the closed and set the timer and Liam lent in for a kiss and i said wait do we have to do it and then all the other people just yelled out yes so we had to kiss but it was not the kiss you give your boyfriend it is the kiss you give your mum or dad but this one went for ages and the we talked a bit and the timer went off we came out and sat down and it was Ninas turn she spun the bottle and got Louis and i just smiled at them as they went to the closet and Harry locked the door and set the timer for seven minutes Louis thought that he will get back at me but i did not really care because it was just a gae and since he was trying to get back at me and i think Liam he kissed Nina like he would kiss me she told me when she got out and i said cool i dont care and then the game went on until everyone had a shot then they had to go home because it was 5:30pm and all of their mums and dads called and told them that dinner is ready and to come home A.S.A.P.

Louis said that he had to go i gave him a tem minutes kiss and said goodbye he was suprised that i did that after he just kissed Nina i told him that i did not care it was just a kiss right he said yes it was then he left and as i shut the door my mum pulled up and came out of the car with two pars of keys and some dinner from mc donalds my favourite take away shop and i asked where dad was she said that he is coming and that uncle shaun is coming over aswell i said okay and then had my dinner it was the yummiest i ever had then i heard a bike pull up in my drive way and then mum said that the present was from uncle shaun it was a HARLEY DAVIDSON BLACK and mum said i got a car i heard that pull up in the drive way i asked is that for me she said yep it was a RED LAMBORGHINI and then uncle shaun and dad came and gave me the keys for both of them things and mum gave me a debit card with  million dollars on it she won the lottery this week and i got all the money on it i can get anything i want then it was time to go to sleep but before i went to bed the shops were open until nine and it was 8:30 and the shops were only five minutes away so i went and brought my self a new bedroom suite and a dooner cover and i told the giuys to take to my house and biuld it and they did i bet them there and got everything out if my room and they put it in there all my old stuff went in my spair bedroom and all my new stuff went in my bedroom i quickly put all my clothes in the draws i got and my new bed cover etc and my room was awesom as my bed was the size extra king ( dont know if that is a size probs not). then i fell asleep and could not wait for tomorrow so i can tell all my friends what i got for my birthday and tomorrow night is my party, uncle shaun slept in my spair bedroom and then i fell asleep...




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