The Break Up

hi my name is Ariana Grande and this story is about how i go out with one of the one direction boys and then they break up with me right near the end and they as soon as they do that the boy regrets it and tries to come back and i keep changing the subject because i ound myself a new hottie and his name is ... read the story to find out.

the first chapter is going to have the main characters...


1. The Cast and a bit of the blurb of who the characters are


Ariana Grande as Ariana Grande


Liam Payne as Liam Payne

(the future boyfriend to meh)

Louis Tomlinson as Louis Tomlinson

(the ex and future boyfriend for Nina)

Nina Dobrev as Nina Dobrev

(my best friend)



if you continue reading chapter 1 will be there so go to the next page :) >



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