Flying High (Zayn Malik fanfic)

Clarissa originally started off as wanting a job in anything that could pay the bills. Zayn just wanted a good time....even if it meant risking his life. Who knew that two people could come together, light and dark, and become something that nobody had ever expected.


1. A Whole New Vibe

Stacking another box of files in the corner of the room, I wiped sweat off my brow as I surveyed what I had accomplished in five hours. Out of all the paperwork, and files cluttered around the area, I managed to get three boxes sorted. 

"It's for the money, Clarissa. It's for the money." I mumbled to myself, stretching my legs. Liam had left the room a few minutes after Zayn had stormed out, and he gave me a slight smile as he did so. 

Lifting up another box of paperwork, I could feel pain beginning to form in my lower back. "I never get a break, do I." I said to myself, rolling my eyes. 

"We don't get breaks either, y'know." A voice said from behind me. Zayn. 

Attempting to push the box into place, I could feel him staring hard at me, surveying me. 

"Really? I figured that a popular guy like you would be waited on all day, and night. Is work tiring?" I asked sarcastically, leaning against the edge of the desk nearby. 

Scoffing, he ran his fingers through his glossy, black hair. "Yes, it actually is thank you very much. Just because I'm more successful than you doesn't mean I don't do work. Get over yourself." He retorted.

Raising an eyebrow, I shut my eyes slightly. Anger surged through me, and honestly, I was about ready to slap that look off of his face here, and now. 

"Are you here to harass me or....?" I questioned, eyeing him warily. Quite frankly, this guy has gotten on my last nerve.

He simply shrugged. "Just came by to see what the cat dragged in." My mouth dropping open, I nearly clawed his eyes out. 

"Excuse me?! You're the one who decided it was okay to verbally abuse your workers." I exclaimed, standing upright. 

"Yeah, yeah. Tell that to your boss, and you'll get fired. sweet cheeks."

He smirked slightly, clearly showing that he felt victorious. Wrong. 

"I should really leave. I've got better things to do than hang around with people like you." He said, his expression displaying disgust. 

"Go right ahead, pretty boy." I replied smoothly, bending down to pick up another box. 

On his way out, he turned slightly, leaning against the door frame.

"Oh, and make sure you don't fall in love with me. Wouldn't want to see that pretty face drenched with tears now do we?" and he walked out calmly. 

Letting out a breathe that I didn't know I was holding, I realized then and there that Zayn Malik was going to be a living nightmare. 


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