I Miss You (1D one shot)

This is a one shot for the Movellas 1SHOT41D contest. Enjoy :)


1. I Miss You

Bright lights flashed in my face as sirens blared through the screams and crys for help. Everything seemed to be in slow motion as I turned to my left and saw him sitting there, lifeless. His head hit the driver's seat window and glass was shattered everywhere, including in his bloody, gaping head. The scream grew louder and more hysterical as the fogginess in my head subdued and I remembered his face. 

"LOUIS!" My throat felt like I had just swallowed a dozen knives, and I realized the hysterical screams and crys were coming from me. I started coughing up blood, which made it even harder to breathe. 

"Help! Please, someone help us!" I begged as hot tears flowed down my cheeks. I stretched my right arm to touch him but I screamed out in pain and recoiled, the piercing pain radiating from my arm up to my ribs.

Urgent shouts came closer and what looked like an ax was swung into the door where Louis was.

"Be careful!" I yelled and let out another scream of agonizing pain as my ribs pierced at my delicate organs. The ax stopped and hands came through instead, ripping away pieces of the door until a large man was able to grab Louis and pull him out of the car.

"Hurry and get him to the hospital!" The man shouted. He stuck his head back in the car and saw me shriveling up in pain.

"But sir, he's probably already-"

"Just do as I say!" He barked back, not breaking eye contact with me.

"Take care of him..." I whispered before giving out another agonizing scream. The man pushed his way to my side of the car, and wrapped his arms around me. 

"He's going to be fine ma'am, I just need you to stay awake."

Tears started to sting my eyes and I struggled to breathe. Just by the tone of his voice I knew that he had no hope for him, for the man that I loved. My eyes began to droop close and my breathing slowed. 

"Just a little longer..." I heard the man mutter. The cold air whooshed into my face and cold, rock like rain drops bit at my bare skin. The screeching of sirens grew louder as I saw the blurred red and blue lights getting closer. I felt myself being laid out onto a hard bed, and a mask was being shoved on my face.

The man appeared by my side once again. "You're doing great love, just stay awake until we can get you into the ambulance."

His face blurred and I desperately gasped for air, the mask not quenching my thirst for oxygen. "Just take care of him," I croaked out, and my eyes shut.


I jolted awake and looked around violently, only to see that I was in the same white room. I closed my eyes and drew in a shaky breath. A gasp escaped from my lips as I wrapped my arms protectively around my chest, my ribs still feeling sore. It's been a month since the accident and the same dream continues to haunt me every night.

The beeps from the machines filled my thoughts and I opened my eyes.

I turned my head and looked down to see the love of my life practically dead in front of me. While I only received some broken ribs, Louis had received a broken skull that put him into a coma. I looked at the calendar across the room and a whimper escaped from my lips. I quickly covered my mouth and glanced at Louis.

As if he could even hear me. I thought to myself and my eyes began to water again. I forced myself not to look at the calendar.

Our car accident happened on January 12th, exactly one month and two days ago. I pressed my hand harder against my mouth to keep me from sobbing and making yet another scene.

Louis and I have been dating for four years, and this was the first year we wouldn't be celebrating Valentines Day together. I looked back at him, tears threatening to spill out from the brims of my eyes. And it's all my fault.

I've talked to the rest of the boys, and they've all told me the same thing. They told me that it wasn't my fault, that it was just raining really hard and Louis lost controle of the wheel.

The hand I placed over my mouth began to shake, so I gripped the arm rest of the chair instead. A long, shaky breath was sucked through my teeth and I ignored the nearly overwhelming pain that went through my chest. I should be the one fighting for my life on that damn bed, not him. I thought to myself. If only I didn't tell him that stupid joke that had made him laugh so hard...

The part that bugs me the most is that I don't remember what I said. The stupid, laughable joke was no where inside my brain, and it was that dumb-witted joke that was changing my damn life. That one stupid joke cracked up my boo bear, made him swerve out of control, and flip the car over. 

The images of the night flooded back and I squeezed my eyes shut, gripping the sides of my head with both of my hands. I could feel my eyes burn with rage and I couldn't keep the tears in anymore. I began to sob and I slid off the chair I was sitting on. My bottom hit the floor, and I pulled my legs up to my chest and I buried my face into my knees. I broke down into uncontrollable sobs, and I began to sputter and wheeze. I was surprised that I was still able to cry, especially since it felt like that's all I've been doing for the last month and two days. 

Through my sobs I heard the ringtone of my phone go off. I pulled it out of my pocket and raised up to my face. I squinted at the bright screen, my vision was still blurred from the tears, and saw Harry's face dancing across the screen. I couldn't help but smile a little bit and I picked up the phone.

"Christine? Are you there?" His voice echoed through what ever room he was in, worry clearly making its way into his deep and slow voice.

"Yes, yes Harry I'm here," I said as clearly as I could, trying not to sound like I had just been crying. The long pause at the other end told me that it didn't work. 

"Are you crying again?" I couldn't help but break down again. I couldn't control myself anymore.

Another long pause. "Shh..." He whispered soothingly, trying to quiet down my sobs. "Sh, Christine I'm here. Just talk to me babe, tell me how he's doing."

I knew Harry was trying to make conversation, so I did my best to stop crying. He was the only one who continued to call me. I guess my constant melt downs were too much for the rest of the boys. Harry was always like a brother to Louis, and after we started dating he played the same role to me. 

After what might have been more than a couple of minutes, I let out a sigh. "H-He still hasn't woken up. H-Harry, th-they say that for every day he doesn't wake up, it's more likely that he will n-never-" I cut myself off by covering my mouth with my free hand, trying not to break down again. Harry went silent. "H-Harry, please tell me you're still there." I whimpered and bit my lip, tears freely flowing down my cheeks once again.

"Yes-yes babe I'm here," he quickly chimed in. "Just don't listen to them Christine, Louis' going to make it, I know-"

"H-How?" I sputtered into my cellphone. "H-How could you possibly know that he's going to be okay Harry? I've been waiting by his side, talking to him, singing to him - even kissing him for god's sake! Harry, I don't know what else to do!" I buried my head into my knees once again and I let my muffled shrieks fill the room. I could hear Harry talking on the other line, but I just couldn't talk anymore, so I hung up and just threw the phone as far away from myself as I could. 

After I calmed down from my latest episode, I picked myself up and leaned over Louis' bed. His emotionless, pale face held a small beard as his hair laid messily on the pillow and plastered on his forehead. His beautiful blue eyes were sealed shut. I put a trembling hand towards his face, and gently stroked his left cheek. It was cool to the touch, and my eyes were somehow able to swell up with tears again. His usual warmth was no where in sight. He was always so hyper, so happy - like the energizer bunny. 

I chuckled to myself as I continued to stroke his cheek. I remembered all the times I had called him my energizer bunny, and he would jump off of the couch, or stop what ever he was doing, and start marching around the house like a robot while pretending to play a drum, like the bunny did in the commercial. I giggled and shook my head. "Only you BooBear, only you." A small smile appeared on my face and I kissed his cheek. After I pulled away, my phone started to ring, so I started frantically searching for it. 

I found it under one of the chairs on the other side of the room, so I picked it up to see that I had gotten a text from someone .

From: Harry

Hello Love. I know today's been a tough day for you, since it's Valentine's Day and all, so the boys and I decided to pick you up for dinner and take you out. You deserve it. See you around 8:00. Xx 


I sighed and shook my head. Harry was always trying to be there for me, no matter what. I just replied with a quick "Okay" and put on a new change of clothes. Since I live with Louis, I didn't want to have to stay in his flat without him, so I just packed most of my clothes after I was released from the hospital, and I've been living here ever since. There was a knock on the door and one of the nurse's came in shortly after.

"How's he doing?" She asked gently, watching me for my reaction. Her soft brown eyes searched my face for any signs that might cry, and they automatically showed sympathy when she saw my eyes begin to water. "I'm sorry," she whispered and quickly scurried over to the machines that were connected to Louis. "You might want to go get something to eat from the cafeteria, they're having a special Valentine's Day meal." She commented without looking away from the computers, constantly looking back and forth from them to her clip board. 

I looked down at the floor and shut my eyes. "Y-Yeah, you're probably right," I mumbled and sighed. "It's his exam day today anyway, so I wouldn't be allowed in the room." I opened my eyes and looked up to see her looking at me apologetically. "Right?" She nodded and gave me another sympathetic smile before walking out of the room. I grabbed my purse and gave Louis a kiss before I headed to the cafeteria. 

After having lunch, and just wandering around the hospital since I wasn't allowed to be in the room while they were testing Louis, it was already 6:00. After the doctor had finished the exams, he invited me into the room. When I came in he just looked straight down at his clip board, not even attempting to make eye contact with me. My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach and I had a feeling there wasn't any good news.

"Ms. Frenzer, I'm sorry to inform you on some bad news." He looked up at me and I nodded, biting my lower lip to keep me from crying. He looked back down at his clip board and fumbled with his pen. "As you know we've been doing tests to see how well Louis is recovering, and how far along he is in his coma. From the data we have collected, we fear that if we don't see any sign of improvement in the next three days, there is a strong chance he will die." 

I let out a horrified gasp and it felt like my lungs were being crushed from inside of me. I couldn't get enough air into my body and tears started flowing down my cheeks once again. The doctor continued to look at his clip board. "I'm sorry." He whispered before rushing out of the room. 

I dragged myself to Louis' bed and laid my face on his chest, near his heart. The soft and steady beat slowly calmed me down, helping me realize that he was still here with me, that my love hadn't gone away from me - yet. I squished myself into his bed, being careful around the wires, and laid myself next to him. I laid my head on his chest and I put my left arm around his body, while using my right hand to play with his nappy hair. The tears didn't stop falling, but the wailing and sputtering slowly faded away. I just stared off into space until I fell asleep.


"Christine. Christine darling wake up." 

I woke up to see my four best friends circled around the bed. I lifted my head to see them all staring at me, their faces solemn. 

"We heard the news," Liam began, but the look on my face made him stop talking. He looked down at his hands and I saw a tear trickle down his cheek before he was able to wipe it away. I sighed as I pulled myself away from Louis and the bed. I hugged each of the boys, exchanging a few tears with each of them. 

"We know how much you love Louis, and he's a very lucky man to have you beside him this entire time." Zayn said, gently rubbing my arm. I smiled halfheartedly and looked down at the ground. 

"That's why we want to take you out for dinner. We know that you would rather spend this day with him, but we want to make it as painless as possible," Niall said softly, his thick Irish accent becoming harder to understand with the noticeable tears in his voice. 

I drew in a shaky breath and looked up at all of them. Zayn gave me a weary smile and backed up, giving me some space before Harry took his position. "Are you ready to go now?" Harry asked lightly, watching me carefully.

I nodded slightly. "Yeah, I just need a moment alone with Louis." The boys nodded in unison and walked out. 

"We'll be out here waiting for you," Liam said over his shoulder, before closing the door behind him.

I walked up to Louis and took in a deep breath. "This is the first Valentine's Day in four years Tommo..." I whispered and smiled slightly, caressing his face. "The boys came back from tour and they want to take me out for dinner, because they feel bad." I continued, my face already wet. I just stared at his flawless face for a moment. The memories over the last four years flooding back.

I thought about our first date at the cinema and how I ended up falling asleep in his arms, because I was up all night worrying about the date. Then the time he tried to teach me how to surf, but I just ended up falling on my face dozens of times and swallowing gallons of salt water. Then the time when he called me up on stage during one of their concerts and he dedicated Little Things to me.

I shook my head and my lips began to quiver. He wasn't just Louis from One Direction, or Louis my boyfriend, he was Louis William Tomlinson; the man who donated his free time to charity work and made every person lucky enough to be in his presence feel loved and amazing. He was the most beautiful person on this planet, inside and out.

I smiled and bent down to kiss him passionately on the lips. I closed my eyes and some part of me wished that he would magically wake up like they did in those cheesy movies we always laughed at. I smiled into the kiss and pulled away, looking at the beautiful and vulnerable man in front of me. "I love you." I whispered and squeezed his hand. 

I heard the door crack open and I turned my head to see that it was Harry. "Just wanted to make sure you were okay." 

I nodded and turned back to Louis one last time. "Bye babe, I'll see you soon," I whispered and searched his face for any expression. I frowned when I found none and I squeezed his hand a bit harder. "I miss you..." 

I turned to Harry and nodded, and he opened the door all the way, waiting for me to come out. I sighed and walked towards him and shut the door behind me. 

The rest of the boys looked at me. "Are you okay?" Liam asked. 

"I don't even know what that means anymore." I joked and shrugged, making them come and pull me into a group hug. 

Before we all left I looked through the window on the door that led to Louis' room, and I swear I saw him move. "H-Harry, Louis moved." I whispered and I flung the door open, running inside. The hand that I held before I left was shaking, and his heart beat began to rise. His face slowly started turning red and he opened his mouth a crack, trying to say something. He was trying to wake up.

I looked up at the machines and saw that his heart beat was dangerously high. I grabbed his hand and began stroking the back of it. "Sh... Sh Boo, I'm here. I'm sorry I left, but I'm here now." The shaking in his hand continued to get worse and his heart beat rose.

I heard steps coming down the hall and barging into the room. Someone grabbed me by the arm and tugged. "Ma'am I'm sorry but you need to go n-"

"No!" I demanded and pulled my arm away. I knelt down next to Louis, stroking his cheek with my right hand, as I squeeze and rub his hand with my left one. The woman tried to grab me again but I pushed her away. "Just stop it!" I yelled and looked at her. The room fell silent, except for the loud beeping from Louis' machines. I turned my attention back to him. 

"I'm here, don't worry. I promise I won't leave your side again." With every word I said his heart beat began to rise. I clenched my jaw, he wasn't going to die on me. "Louis, please stop. You're hurting yourself." I caressed his face again and my voice turned into a whisper. "I want you to wake up, but you can't right now. You're not ready, and I'm okay with that. I just want to know that you're okay." The beeping began to slow down and I smiled. "There you go baby. Just relax, everything is going to be okay, I promise." His heart beat steadily went back down to normal, and I got back up. His hand felt weak again against mine, and I knew he was going to slip back into his coma. 

"I love you baby," I whispered and kissed him on the lips. His heart beat rose again for a split second, before going back to normal. I pulled away and looked at his face, seeing the redness going away, and the empty look coming back. I stroked his cheek and continued to tell him that I loved him and that I will wait for him. Before he fully slipped back into his coma, I felt him squeeze my hand one last time and his lips twitched into a smile. Then he went blank and weak again. 

I looked back at the nurses and doctors. The doctor who I had spoken to earlier was there as well. "So, was that enough improvement for you?" I asked sarcastically.

His cheeks burned red. "I'll be back to check on him later," and with that him and his crew were gone. 

I looked back at my amazing boyfriend and smiled, tiny warm tears of joy falling down my face. At least now I knew he was listening and that he was trying to come back to me. I took my seat next to his bed again and smiled. "Happy Valentine's Day my little Energizer Bunny." I whispered and planted a kiss on his lips.

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