Kayla won an Austin Mahone contest and while with Austin she becomes best friend wuth not only Austin but her fav band as well what will happen


1. Winner

Kayla’s P.O.V

“OMG I won” I yelled to my friends Hunter and Gracie as I saw them at school “OMG really” Gracie screamed. We did a happy jump in the middle of the hallway “Get to class girls!” Mrs. Guard yelled at me and Gracie. We walked to are last class “how many dose that make then” Hunter asked “95 I’m almost there”. If your wondering I just won a contest to go spend a week with Austin Mahone in London and Hunter was asking about how many signatures I would have now. “I Leave tomorrow” I said .

Next day

Alright I got everything right? I looked around the room. I almost forgot my phone. “U ready Kay” my sister Em yelled “Yupp” I yelled back “lets go then” we hoped into the car and left. I turned on the radio “Da Da da da da da da da da da da” “OMG 1D” me and Em screamed we got to the takeoff point. A man guessing butler came out “Hello u must be Mrs. Kayla plz come with me” I gave Em a hug then followed the man on borad the plane. OMG it was amazing and shiny. “Where should I sit” I asked British butler dude “Anywhere u like Mrs. Kayla” I took my seat and the plane took off. I was on instagram on my phone when suddenly Austin comes and sits next to me I act like I don’t see him “Hey Kayla” he said “Hi stalker who knows my name” I smiled “thx I try” he laughed back. I put my phone down to go to the bath room when I came back Austin was gone. I picked up my phone 300 new likes what how’d 267 new fowlers How the heck did th- I looked at the new photo. Really Austin wow it was a pick of him I commented “Wow Austin really” I put my headphones in then fell asleep.

Austin’s P.O.V

Awwww she fell asleep so cute *Snap* “awww look at her so cozy” post. Then I went on her contacts and added me. *Ding* “Hey we r available to sykpe before u get here-Niall” I went over to my seat and skyped the boys. “So were in the same rooms right” Liam asked “Zayn and Harry share and then me and u Liam share its 1 of thoses combined rooms” “What about me????? Niall asked “well u will have ur own room combined with Kayla and lou u and el get your own room” “Yayyyyy” Louis screamed “So.. where is Kayla at?” Harry questioned “Alright ill show u but be quite” I walked over by Kayla still asleep then sat back down “well we will be landing in an hour bye” and I closed out I went on my live stream “Hi-BEENIES” who is she. We chatted for a while then went on a tiny chat video from BEENIES ohh then I noticed who it was “Hi Kayla-me” “who r u-BEENIES” then I went live “ohhh that’s who” the plane landed and im not gonna tell Kayla about the boys  

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