At the Bean

Two best friends go to Chicago. Bean.One Direction.Love.


3. Their place

I walked behind the boys and Hannah stopping to take pictures.I grabbed Hannah's sleeve, she swiveled around to look at me. I leaned in and whispered; "What about my cat". "Call someone to take care of it" she said back jogging to catch up with the boys. I pulled my Iphone out of my pocket and clicked on my next door neighbors number. I sent a quick text asking to take care of the cat for awhile. He said it was fine. I sighed and kept walking I wasn't looking forward for the next couple of weeks. I looked up to see the boys staring at me as I watched the ground. "What are you staring at" I said meanly. "Were here" they said back. I followed them up a set of steps. I sighed as they unlocked the door as I walked in the smell of guy hit me and I enjoyed it. This apartment was huge. I set my purse down on the counter and went to explore. The kitchen was huge and I was grateful I love to cook, plus I'm good at it. I also found two huge bathrooms and three bedrooms. As I walked back into the Living room they were all staring at me. "I need to go shopping and get some clothes and a tooth brush and suck so I'll see you later" I said snatching my purse. "I'll go with Niall and Harry said at the same time I rolled my eyes. "I'm going to stay here" Hannah said clicking on the t.v. I walked out the door boys in tow. "I want to get a couple outfits and shower stuff" I said. "Well we'll go to the mall" Harry said walking towards the parking garage. I got in the back of the car with Niall and Harry drove, they asked me questions witch I minimally replied to . I laughed, all the guys I have ever known were nice and caring towards me but I could care less. I pulled my hair back. 

"Okay  lets go in here" I said walking into Hollister. I bought two pair of short shorts, capris' and a pair of jeans. We then went into aeropastle and I bought a couple shirts and dresses. After that we went to the shoe store and bought socks,tennis shoes and two pairs of flats. "One more store" I said walking into Victoria Secret. They both waited outside as I bought a ton of clothes and such. It took all 3 of us to carry all the bags. When we got home Hannah was exactly where we left her. "What are yo going to do" I asked. "My moms sending me some stuff plus I packed clothes. I sighed remebering I had to. I pulled my bookbag off my back and rifled through it to see two outfits a hair straightner and a hair wand. I was pretty pleased to see I had everything I need. "Well It's dinnertime I'll cook" I said setting down all my bags.I walked into the kitchen and looked around they had no food. I pulled out what I could find and through together a spaghetti like pasta with ranch and brocilli. I put it down on the table and watched as everyone ate. "This is really good" Niall said between mouthfulls. I laughed as everyone nodded. "Well I need a shower. Wich bathroom" I asked.  "Niall's" Harry said I sighed and looked for Niall's bathroom. I quickly showered and put on shorts and dance bely shirt. I Joined everyone in the living room to watch the avengers. 

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