At the Bean

Two best friends go to Chicago. Bean.One Direction.Love.


4. The avengers

I plopped down between the two boys. I shivered as the cold leather hit the back of my thighs. I watched as both boys got up. Harry came back and draped me in a blanket. When Niall returned he had a bowl of popcorn and a jumbo thing of 'sour patch kids'. My mouth began to water as I stole the candy from him. Hannah leaped to her feet and turned the lights off. I turned the movie on as she plopped back to the floor. I watched the movie rectitng every line in my head by memory. Harry was leaning his whole body against mine where as Niall's leg was firmly placed against mine. I laughed at how these boys were acting Hannah  wasn't the 'boy' type. Me, I've had my fair share of boyfriends. 

"I'll sleep out here" I told Hannah as she stood up. "Okay" She replied heading to the empty bedroom. "You can sleep in my room" Niall said I mean "In my bed no what I mean is I'll sleep out here" Niall said. "It's okay" I said laying out on the couch my toes hanging off the end of the couch. "NO you're not" Harry said. "Yes I am" I replied standing on my knees on the couch. "Your feet stick off" Niall replied. "I sleep curled up leave me be" I said back as they both backed up. They both retreated into their bedrooms. I looked down at the flimsy blanket. I debated who to ask I decided on Harry. I stood up my shorts falling two inches above my mid thigh. I walked to his door, I knocked lightly, He apeared at the door shirtless in basket ball shorts. "I need another blanket" I told him. He grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hall. He stopped and made my wait on the couch. When he came back into view he was carrying two blankets a pillow and bear. I laughed as he positioned the blankets on top of me. He put the bear by my side and the pillow behind me. "Anything else" He asked. "No" I replied, He didn't seem annoyed more as he seemed happy that I came to him instead of Niall. I layed my head down and fell asleep to the sound of the traffic below. 

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