At the Bean

Two best friends go to Chicago. Bean.One Direction.Love.


8. Kiss

I sat down next to everyone else. "How was your walk" Josh asked. "Fine" I replied. I tried to hide my smirk. "Well then" Harry said placing his hand on my knee. "Don't touch me" I  growled. He squeezed my knee and I smacked his hand away. "Rar" Harry said smirking. "Let's play truth or dare" Niall said moving to the floor. I joined him along with the others close behind us. "Niall truth or dare" Harry asked. "Truth" Niall replied. "Is it true that you think some one in this room who's name starts with a 'k' is gorgeous" Liam said with a smirk. "Umm.... yeah I guess it is" He said mumbling, I felt my face turn red. "Well then Zayn truth or dare" Niall asked. "Dare" Zayn replied cockily. I giggled as he winked at me. "I dare you to let Kennedy style your hair" Niall said with a smirk on his face. I got up and ran to my room. I took the gel I had in my hand and put it in his hair pulling it into a mohawk that looked pretty cute on him. "Josh truth or dare" Zayn said. "Dare" He said taking another drink from his glass. "I dare you to kiss Kennedy" Liam said. I watched as anger washed over Harry. "Okay if it's all right with her" Josh said. "It has to be 15 seconds though" Louis added. "Alright, no strings attached" I said as I scooted closer to Josh who was sitting next to me. I pushed my lips against his, Our lips worked in unison it was perfect. I sighed as he pulled away. I thought about Eddie. "Well I'm getting tired" I said stretching. "Good night" I said kissing josh on the cheek and hugging the rest with the ocasional kiss on the cheek from them. As I walked away I felt eyes on me. 

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