At the Bean

Two best friends go to Chicago. Bean.One Direction.Love.


2. Intro

Kennedy's p.o.v.

I sat took pictures of people  laughing and smiling around us. "Hey Kennedy, we need to go" Hannah said tugging me towards the train station. We walked at a brisk pace into the line. I watched as Hannah dug through her purse. "Oh no we have to go back and get my phone" she exclaimed in a stressed voice. We ran back to the bench by the 'bean'. I went to go turn back towards the train station when I ran into the back of Hannah. I went tumbling down taking some one with me. I grunted in pain as I opened my eyes. I looked down at my shoes and dress my sparkly 'sperrys' a little smudged but okay my white dress a little dirty. I stood up. "What the hell" I yelled at the person I was laying on. I noticed that he looked very familiar. I started going off on the poor kid. I then walked to the one Hannah was talking to, I went off on him to. I then realized that I had just gone off on 2/5 of one direction. "Kennedy I know you're mad but we're going to miss our train" I said tugging her towards the station. I ran out of breath up to the train as it pulled away. "Great there's not another one for six weeks" I mumbled.

The boys had followed us into the station. They were returning Hannah's phone witch for the second time was left at the bean on a bench. She then explained how we had missed our train. I tried my hardest not to go off. They must of said sorry a million times. "Well you can stay with us while we're here" Harry said digging his toe into the ground. "Well I guess I have to since YOU people made us miss our train" I spat my voice dripping with venom. Then Hannah nicely took them up on their offer, Then gave me the stop-or-I-will-tell-on-you look. 

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