At the Bean

Two best friends go to Chicago. Bean.One Direction.Love.


6. Harry vs. Kennedy

I aprroached Harry he touched his black glove to my pink ones and took a  step back. He threw a kick to my hip. I jumped back and threw a right jab to the stomach. He grunted in pain and swung at my side. I did a round house kick landing it on his chest, as he stumbled I kicked a side kick to his head. He fell to the ground. I laughed as 3 seconds then 5 then 7. I listened as he got up after my victory was anounced. "Guys some one beat styles after going two years undefeated at branches all around the world" Jarred yelled. Soon a crowd gathered around. In my baggy shorts and shirt and hair tucked away I probably looked like a guy. "Take you helmet off" Harry whispered. I tugged off as my hair fell to my shoulders my mouth guard coming out of my mouth. I looked as all the guys laughed. "This scrawney girl no way" One guy said. "You up for another fight girlie" Jarred asked I nodded. The same guy who called my scawney stood across from me. We touched gloves he was wider I was taller. He threw a punch I ducked and leg swept him. He hit the ground hair wind knocked out of him. I laughed as he slowly got back up. He tried a kick which I blocked. I then landed a flat footed kick to his abdomen, He stumbled as I kicked him in the side then landed a combo to his head. He sunk down to the ground coughing. I sat back as once again I was anounced winner. 

"Wait here" Harry said walking away I climbed up onto the table and sat cross legged. A young guy came and leaned back against the table with me. "Hey your new right" He asked I looked at him he was my age brown hair and blue eyes. I smiled at him. "Yeah i'm a friend of a fighter" I told him. I looked at my lap. "Don't do that" He said. "What" I asked confused. "Hide you face" the boy said. "My names Eddie give me a call sometime" He said handing me his number. Harry came back out after Eddie left. I was still smiling. I put the number in my phone and stuffed the paper in my case. I texted Edidie on the ride home. "Hey Harry" I said. "Yeah" He replied. "Can I have someone over tonigth" I asked. "Yeah I'm going to have 4 or 5 friends over so Niall won't mind." Harry replied. 

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