At the Bean

Two best friends go to Chicago. Bean.One Direction.Love.


5. Gym

I opened my eyes and propped myself up onto my elbows. I looked around the living room and my eyes landed on the double french doors leading out to a terrace. As I was deep in thought my phone rang. I picked it up to see that it was my on again and off again boyfriend. Right now we were off. I grabbed the phone pressing on the screen and lifting it to my ear. "Baby please come back to me I miss you and I swear I'm going to change" He said into the phone. "No I'm tired of hearing that it never lasts" I said into the phone loudly. He began to shout into the phone. I walked towards the terrace. I sat in the chair the phone pressed to my ear. "I miss you, you were the best thing that ever happened to me" He said over again for the tenth time. I knew I'd cave in and take him back if I was home, but I wasn't. "Why in the h*ll should I trust you" I replied rather loudly. The argument went back and forth. "I love you" He said for the first time since I had left him in the middle of the night. "If you loved me then why did you hit me" I asked tears welling up in my eyes. I heard gasps, I turned to see all three of my new roomates looking at me. I hung up the phone. They stared at me and I stared back, I hadn't told anyone. "How many times did he hit you" Hannah asked looking at me in disbelief. "A 2 or 3 times.... a month" I said knowing we'd been dating for 4 months. Harry walked up to me and I flinched in fear. He recoiled and walked back inside. "Are you kidding me" Hannah said. Then she lost it. "How could you not tell me. should have known. You don't get black eyes from falling" she said tears in her eyes. "It wasn't as bad as it sounds I left him I knew to get out" I said. "Are you sure" she asked, "I'm a kick boxer I'm used to getting hit" I replied laughing. "He hit like you do" I added. "Then how did you get the bruises" She asked. "Like I said I fell" I replied laughing. Everyone began to laugh.


"I'm going to the gym" Harry said to me as I picked up lunch. "Can I go" I asked eagerly."Sure but it's more of a boxers gym" He said, "perfect" I replied running to get dressed. 

"Are we there yet" I asked for the millionth time. "Almost" He repplied. At last he pulled into a parking lot of a gym. I tugged on the door handle on to find it locked. I waited as he came and unlocked my door. "Beware fighting is tough" Harry said grabbing my hand. As we walked into the gym Harry stopped and signed a sheet of paper and instructed me to do the same. I did as I was told. Then he pulled me down a hall and into the weight room which we walked through another door into the room with punching bags a ring. "Let's have you meet Jared" Harry said leading me by my hand to a bulky guy drinking water. "This is my uh friend Kennedy, she wants to train today" Harry told the man. "We only do kick boxing for women here, is that okay" The man asked. I nodded this day only gets better and better. We have gloves you can have there to protect from broken knuckles they only go over your knuckles" Jarred said. "But first do twenty sit ups" He added. I did as was told quickly. Harry sat on a table and watched. "Wow 20 push ups" Jarred added. I did them without breaking a sweat. He then walked me to a bar "5 pull ups" I did so. "Let's see if you can do more" He added. I did 25 more pull ups before jumping down out of boredom. " Styles wrap her hands I'll be back" Jarred said walking away. "Sit on that table" Harry instructed I did as I was told. I watched as Harry walked to a cabinet and grabbed a roll off wrap. He wrapped my hands, then pulled off my socks and shoes before wrapping my arches of my feet. "You never told me you were athletic" Harry said sitting next to me on the table. "I didn't think it was important:" I replied. "Well lets see if you can hit" Harry said as Jared came back into view. Once again I was lead to the ring. I watched as Harry out on hitting pads. Jarred came over and slipped pink knuckle gloves on my hands. "Okay hit right then left then back to right" I did as I was told. "Always make sure your hands are up in front of your face blocking." Jarred said. "We don't want your pretty face damaged" Harry added I laughed. "Now add a right kick to that combo" Jarred said. I did as told. "Are you a fighter" Harry asked. I shook my head yes before throwing another combination. "We're going to put you in the ring" Jarred said walking away. "What all do you do" Harry asked. "Karate,MMA, Kick Boxing,Jujitsu and Kung Fu" I said. He looked at me suprised as Jarred came back with a mouth gaurd and head guard. I put both on in and slid into the ring, I looked at the person infront of me, it was a guy but as I looked around the gym I was the only girl. "Touch gloves,fight clean,and drop to your stomach and tap if injured" Jarred said. I tapped the mans gloves to mine and he swung as I ducked and hit him in the side of the head then under the chin, As he threw another punch I ducked and kicked him in the head. The guy looked mad, I threw a right punch to the head and a kick to the stomach. 'This guy sucks' I thought to myself. I hit him again but softer. As he went to throw yet another I punch I ducked and spun into a round house kick to chest the sent him down. I waited 10 seconds declaring I had won, then took out my mouth guards and my helmet off. "You're better than Styles" Jarred said running up to me. I laughed and drank my water bottle. "Styles get geared up" he barked at Harry. I laughed as he jogged away. "You'll win no doubt he's in it for his body you're in it for blood, nice kick by the way" Jarred said 

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