Night Terrors

Jayzen, a nineteen year old transfer student from a small town in Utah has moved to the U.K. She has a secret... During the night and sometimes in the day she has night terrors. They scare her to death. The only one she has met that can wake her from them is her specially trained German Shepherd, Apollo. When Jayzen starts school at a new collage she meets new friends. Five boys. They quickly know her secret and Invite her to live with them. She also starts crushing on one... Who turns out to be her savior when her worst nightmares become more real...

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9. Tears and home sickness...

After the movie and pizza, we sat back and talked. “Hey, Jayzen… Err… We have something we need to talk to you about.” Liam said a little nervous. I stiffened, what do they want to talk about? I shifted in my seat nervous. Apollo stood up looking at me, a worried look in his eyes. “Jayzen, the doctor asked me and Niall to tell him what happened. We told him and he said that you have a type of paranoia. He told us we should stay with you a few nights. The boys and I have talked and decided that we can take turns… We can just stay on the couch! We will be out in the morning!” Niall explained. My eyes widened, “What!? I hardly know you guys! You can’t just waltz in here looking all cute and ask if you can sleep here!” By this time I had stood up. The boys looked embarrassed, “Jayzen, we’re just doing what the doctor suggested.” Harry looked at the ground. I was fuming, “Well maybe you shouldn’t listen to him! I have Apollo! That’s what he’s trained to do! I don’t need your help!” I got up and walked out of my room. Apollo walked after me. I turned and pointed at him, “No Apollo! You go lay down!” Apollo cowered back slowly walking to his bed. I looked at the boys, there faces looking at the ground. “You guys should leave,” I turned sniffling whipping the tears streaming down my cheeks. I went in my room flopping on my bed. I sobbed for what felt like hours. There was a small knock on my door. I slipped into my duvet, fisting it and pulling it to my chin. The door opened and footsteps came closer. The edge my bed shifted as someone sat down. I peeked over the top of my blanket looking at the figure, it was Zayn. His face was cupped in his hands, he looked up and took a deep breath. I quickly turned hoping he didn’t notice me watching him. He stood up walking around the bed sitting next to me. “Jayzen, can we please talk about this?” The hurt in his voice made me flinch, I felt kinda bad. I sat up looking at him, his big brown orbs starring into my blank gray ones. “Jayzen, we just want to help.” I pulled my knees to my chest burying my face in between them. I sobbed just wanting those terrifying nightmares just to leave and never come back. I wished they never existed. I would never wish this torture on anyone. I felt the bed shift, and then strong arms wrap around me I leaned a little into his chest. I then felt four more pairs of strong arms wrap around me. I giggled as I looked up to see all the boys wrapping their arms around me. After our hugging was over we all sat around my room. Harry was on my desk chair Louis on his lap. Niall was on the floor with Liam, and Zayn was next to me on my bed. “So, what are you thinking? Is it still a no, or are you considering a yes?” Louis piped up giving me quirky smile. I sighed, “Fine but you have to stay on the couch, and be out by six thirty!” They nodded, “So, whose staying first?” Louis jumped up his arm waving wildly in the air. “Pick me!” He yelled. “Umm… Lou!” He smiled, “Yay!” After saying goodbye, and when the boys left I slipped into my pajamas. A purple tank top, black shorts, and zebra print slippers my friend Izzy bought me before I left. That reminded me, I whipped out my phone and dialed the number for my house in Payson. It rang as I waited, “Hello?” I sighed hearing the voice of my mom, “Hey mom!” “Hey Hun! What’s up?” I thought over what I should say. “Nothing, but today was pretty exciting,” I trailed off. “What’s going on Hun? Is Apollo okay? Are you okay?” I gave a weak laugh. “Mom I had a night terror today.” I heard her giggle a little. “We’ll that’s normal!” “No, mom… It was at school. They have been really bad lately. Mom, and there all with this one man. And it’s in salt lake!” I sat on my bed and started crying. “Well Hun I can talk to Doctor Tawkasawki, but I’m about to go baby-sit Addy and Ezra.” I laughed a little at the mention of my niece and nephew. Addy had turned nine this year and Ezra five. “Okay mom, I love you. Good morning.” She laughed “Good night, Jayzen.” I hung up and curled up in a ball on my bed and cried. Louis walked in, he sat on my bed next to me. “Are you okay love?” He put his hand on my back, I sat up to look at him. I wiped my eyes and cheeks forcing a weak smile. “Ya, I’m just a bit home sick,” he smiled. “Tell me about home then it will make you feel better.” I smiled, I told him about Payson and how sketchy it is. I told him of my school I went to and all my friends. I told him about Bear Lake and my many encounters with skunks. “But I most of all miss my mom, and dad.” I frowned when I said dad memories flooding into my mind of when I was thirteen. I shook my head pushing the thoughts to the back of my mind. “We’ll I’m beat! Better go to bed! Or as you say in Utah,” he made himself look tough and cowboyish, “Hit the hay!” I said in a hick accent. I laughed, “Oh Lou! Will you tell Apollo to come in here?” He nodded and walked down the hall. After a few seconds Apollo ran in my room and jumped on my bed. “Good night Apollo,” I whispered crawling under my blankets.

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