Night Terrors

Jayzen, a nineteen year old transfer student from a small town in Utah has moved to the U.K. She has a secret... During the night and sometimes in the day she has night terrors. They scare her to death. The only one she has met that can wake her from them is her specially trained German Shepherd, Apollo. When Jayzen starts school at a new collage she meets new friends. Five boys. They quickly know her secret and Invite her to live with them. She also starts crushing on one... Who turns out to be her savior when her worst nightmares become more real...

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10. Shopping heals everything

Three days had passed since my big scene at school. Last night Liam had slept over, there were only two who were left, Harry and Zayn. I stretched making Apollo shift at the end of my bed. I looked at my alarm clock, nine thirty. It was Saturday and I had some plans, shopping! I hadn’t gone shopping since I left the states. I got out of bed and slipped down the hall to the front room. I peered around the door frame. Liam was no where to be found. I walked down the hall to the bathroom so I could take a shower. I reached for the handle when it started moving. I jumped back as Liam walked out his hair brushed and he was changed, his bag slung over his shoulder. I looked wide eyed at him, he looked hot! He had a blue flannel shirt which was buttoned all the way up and tan pants. His white converse were a nice contrast also. He stepped to the side, “Sorry…” He smiled awkwardly and walked down the hall. “Bye Jayzen!” He yelled From the door. I watched as he opened the door. “Bye Liam!” he was just about to close it, “Oh Liam!” He looked at me, “You look hot!” He blushed and smiled. I turned and walked into the bathroom. I striped and got in the shower, the hot water going down my back. I sat there for awhile lost in my thoughts when I heard a loud scratching sound. I turned the water off and got out wrapping myself in a towel. I opened the bathroom door to see Apollo he ran half way down the hall and looked back at me. I looked up to see a tall boy with lightly tanned skin and black hair. I covered my mouth shaking my head. What is Zayn doing here!? I opened the door and ran to my room closing the door quietly. I quickly grabbed a denim shirt and a flower skirt. I slipped my bra and underwear on and the clothes. I opened my room door and walked down the hall, my bare feet making no noise. “Hey Zayn,” I awkwardly waved at him he spun around a little embarrassed. “Hey, oh were you in the shower?” He bit his lip, I was growing to love it when he did that. “Ya, I was…” I laughed. His eyes got wide, “I’m sorry! You just weren’t answering my texts, I thought something had happened! And… I’m sorry,” he looked at the ground rubbing the back of his neck. I couldn’t help but smile, “Zayn it’s fine! Honestly,” I took a step towards him stepping on Apollos squeaky toy. It squeaked and I jumped tripping and falling on Zayn. He caught me wrapping his arms around me. I pulled my self back up, so I wasn’t leaning on him. He let go of me, my heart sinking a little. “Well, err I’ll leave so you can finish getting ready for what ever you were going to do.” He stepped to the door gripping the handle. “Bye, I guess I’ll catch you later… Oh you look good, by the way,” he quickly opened the door stepping out and shutting it. “Thanks,” I mumbled. After I finished eating and drying and straightening my hair, I slipped on my brown Oxford flats and my pink scarf. My phone went off, so I grabbed it sitting on my bed. I opened a text that was from Niall. “Hey love! You want to come to a movie with me and Zayn? ~Nandos!” I laughed at Niall’s signature. “Sorry Hun! I’m going shopping today! :) ~Utahan!” My signature had been ‘BritishGirl’ for when I only texted my friends from Utah, but now that didn’t really work now that I texted the boys also. My life had changed a lot since I came here. I lost track of Rhys, Josh was in LA at a Jab-A-Wakeez training camp, Izzy hadn’t texted me for weeks and Tasha, well, we had a bit of a falling out. My mom called every other day to check on me, but it wasn’t much help. I got up grabbing my brown purse slinging it over my shoulder and slipping my phone in it. I grabbed Apollos leash and slipped his harness on him. He looked at me excitedly as I clipped his leash to his collar. We walked out of the apartment building when I remembered, my car is still at school. I groaned and looked to where my car should be, it was empty. I was just about to text Niall and take him up on the movie offer when I saw my gray mustang sitting five parking spots away from me. I smiled thinking the must have driven it back for me. “Thank you,” I texted Niall, already having my phone pulled out. I walked over to my car Apollo keeping perfect step with me. I opened the passenger door after unlocking it, and threw the end of the leash in as Apollo jumped up. Shutting the door I ran around to my own side and started the engine. The roof of the car made a squeaking sound as it lowered and folded in the back. Apollo looked excited to have the top down as we drove to the mall. Once at the mall Apollo was eager to get out and explore this new place. I took him up after putting the hood up and walked in hoping I wouldn’t be questioned about Apollo. The first store I went to was Deb, I love that store. I walked over to the racks lined with sweaters and cute shirts. I pulled out a denim dress that was sleeveless and went to about mid-thigh. “I like this bud.” I said to Apollo, but he didn’t seem to care. I pulled him up and walked to the dressing rooms to try it on. I got the large one so Apollo could have room to lay down. I took my shirt shoes and skirt off pulling the dress over my head. I looked in the mirror and decided it needed a cute belt. I walked out and the clerk looked at me and smiled. “That looks good on you.” I smiled back, “Thanks.” I fumbled through the belts until I found one that was kind of a cream color pulling it out and strapping it around my waist it was thick and looked like a knot on the front. It looked great! I slipped into the dressing room and pulled out my phone. I took a picture and decided to send it to Izzy. I put it in a message and typed a little thing under it. “What do you think?” I scrolled through my contacts when I saw Zayn’s name. My finger hovered over it but then I shrugged and kept scrolling. Once I found Izzy’s name I sent it to her. I waited for couple of minuets knowing it was like six o’clock in the morning there. My phone went off and I reached in my bag pulling it out. The message was from Zayn, “You look good. :)” I was confused then it hit me. I accidentally sent it to Zayn too. I hit my palm to my forehead, “Stupid!” I quickly changed back into my normal clothes. I sat in there for a minuet debating on if I should buy it or not. Finally I decided to but it then go find a cute pair of shoes. I went up to the clerk and laid the dress and belt on the counter. She quickly rang it up and put it in a bag handing it to me. “Have great day!” She chirped. I smiled back and waved Apollo obviously wanting to get out of there. After about two hours of shoe hunting I finally found some super cute tan canvass boots that went just above my ankles. I looked at my phone to see what time it was, four o’clock. “Oh crap we need to get you to training!” I said to Apollo we ran outside and ran to the car. I pulled the car door open stuffing my bag in the back. Apollo jumped in and I got in starting the engine. 

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