Night Terrors

Jayzen, a nineteen year old transfer student from a small town in Utah has moved to the U.K. She has a secret... During the night and sometimes in the day she has night terrors. They scare her to death. The only one she has met that can wake her from them is her specially trained German Shepherd, Apollo. When Jayzen starts school at a new collage she meets new friends. Five boys. They quickly know her secret and Invite her to live with them. She also starts crushing on one... Who turns out to be her savior when her worst nightmares become more real...

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8. Pull ropes and mummy pizza!

On the way to my apartment Niall was sitting in the back with Apollo. He kept texting people and didn’t say a word. That made me a little nervous, all the quite was bugging me. I reached for the radio and turned it on, my favorite song was on. ‘Rockstar’ by Nickleback. I hummed along to it, then my head turned to Zayn and Niall when they started singing. There voices are amazing! Zayn caught me looking at him mouth open and quickly shut up. “You guys are amazing! I can tell how you got that scholarship,” I turned to look out the window, knowing I made them blush. We pulled up to the apartment building and got out. Zayn took the flowers and Niall got the teddy bear. I started to walk the door when I remembered. “Crap!” I huffed. “What? What happened?” Zayn ran to my side. I turned to face him, “My keys are in my bag, and my bags at school.” Zayn frowned. “Well Liam lives in this building I know where he puts the extra key. Niall text Liam and tell him where going to hang at his place for a bit and to get Jayzen’s bag.” Niall nodded and pulled out his phone. I walked into the building after Zayn. I saw my apartment three doors down. Apollo kept walking then abruptly stopped at the end of his leash. He looked back at me confused. “Come on Pollo! We’re gonna hang out with Zayn and Niall for a little while.” From what it looked like Apollo rolled his eyes. When I turned back Zayn swiftly pulled the door handle cover off and grabbed the key that was in it. “How did you do that?” I wondered looking from side to side making sure no one saw. “His mum bought it for him.” Zayn smiled and unlocked the door opening it. I walked in and looked around. It was just like mine, a small kitchen a good sized living room and a hall that went to a bathroom and two small bedrooms. I sat on one of the worn brown couches Apollo laying at me feet. “You like soda?” Zayn called from the kitchen. “Err… Sure! What kind?” I replied hoping there was something good. “He’s got Fresca, Coke, and Pepsi!” “Pepsi!” I sat back on the chair as Zayn brought in two Cokes and a Pepsi. He handed me my drink and gave one of the cokes to Niall. I looked at the clock hanging above the small flat screen, it was almost six. I sat there thinking about calling my mom, and telling her what happened. “Jayzen? What do you think?” I whipped my head up fast, making me go kind of dizzy. “What?” Zayn gave me his little tongue biting smile. “Niall was thinking about ordering pizza. What do you think we should get?” I thought on that for awhile. “Well if I could get in my apartment I could make a pizza. I have a really good recipe.” I smirked looking at Niall, his mouth agape. “We need to tell Liam to hurry!” And as if on cue in a good play Liam walked through the door, Louis and Harry right behind him. I shot up, “Where’s my bag?” Harry came forward and handed it to me. I didn’t even bother to pick up Apollos leash. “Come on Pollo!” I turned to the boys. “Come over in like twenty minuets!” I opened the door and went down the hall. Zayn poked his head out. “What about this other stuff?” I knew he was talking about the flowers and giant teddy bear. “Err… Being it over with you!” I unlocked my door and walked in. Apollo slipped behind me and ran to his dish. I followed him over after shutting the door. His water was empty. I took it to the sink and filled in up putting in back down. Apollo took a nice long drink and then went and laid in his bed under the coffee table. For what reason he liked it under there, I haven’t a clue. I giggled a little and set off to finding everything I needed. I pulled out a cookbook I made when I was fourteen. I rested my elbows on the counter and flipped through it. I stood up straight when I found the recipe. “Mummy pizza!” I opened the cabinet under the sink and pulled out a bowl. There was a knock on the door, “Come in! It’s open!” I shouted. The door knob jiggled, “It’s stuck!” That was Liam obviously frustrated. I looked at it and saw that Apollos pull rope was jammed under it. I rolled my eyes, “Pollo get your rope!” He jumped out of his bed and ran to the door pulling it out and bringing it to me. “Try it now!” I replied. The door swung open and the five boys came in looking around. Zayn had the flowers and Louis was cuddling the teddy bear. I walked into the front room, “I’ll take those.” I grabbed the bear stuffing it under my arm, then held the flowers. “Any of you know how to follow a recipe?” They all slowly looked at Harry. “Harry! There’s a cook book on the counter! Follow the recipe that its open to,” he nodded and headed into the kitchen. “You four! Keep him out of the kitchen,” I looked at Apollo. He looked up at me with his golden eyes his head resting on his paws. They nodded and sat on the floor. I walked down the hall to my room, setting the bear on me chair and flowers on my nightstand. I pulled the note out of my pocket and placed it in the drawer of my nightstand. I whipped around when I heard a laugh. Louis was standing in the doorway. He walked in and sat on my bed, smiling at me. I sat next to him confused to why he was in here. “He really likes you,” I looked at him more confused. “Wait… Who?” I asked a little worried about his answer. “Zayn, he was worried when you left Liam’s so abruptly. He was pacing and kept looking at his watch.” I looked down, my feet becoming very interesting at the moment. “I barely know him, I hardly know all of you.” He put his hand on my knee. I looked up at his touch, he was giving me quirky smile that made me smile. “Just know if you need anything just ask.” I nodded knowing I could trust Lou like a brother. I gave him a hug and we got up leaving the room. As we entered the front room we got weird looks, they made me blush. I looked at Zayn, he was sitting on the ground his legs spread out in a V shape. Apollo was laying in between them on his back his tongue hanging out, obviously loving all the attention. I walked in the kitchen to see Liam and Harry searching through the cupboards. “What are you guys looking for?” I giggled as Harry lost his balance and fell over, grabbing at the counter for support. He fell his bum hitting the ground. He clenched his jaw as Liam laughed, I started laughing with him. Liam looked at me, “We were trying to find the olives!” I laughed again. I opened the small closet to the left of the fridge and grabbed a can of olives handing them to Liam. I looked at the bowl I had gotten out and it had fluffy white dough in it already. It had started to raise, so I grabbed it and set it on a cookie sheet I had sitting in the dish water drainer. I flattened it out into a kind of rectangle shape. “Liam, in the top drawer to the left of the sink is a pizza cutter, can you grab it for me?” Liam grabbed it handing it to me. I cut slits into the dough on either side about three inches long. I put the sauce that Harry made, pepperoni, and cheese in the middle. I folded the top over and started over lapping the stripes that I cut. When I was done it looked like a wrapped up mummy. Liam handed me the can of olives. I popped a couple in my mouth, then I took two out and set them up near the top, so they looked like eyes. “Okay! I’m going to put this in the oven for twenty minuets!” I opened the pre-heated oven placing it in there on the cookie sheet. After I was done cleaning up with the help of Liam, we went back into the living room. “Okay! Who’s up for a scary movie?”

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