Night Terrors

Jayzen, a nineteen year old transfer student from a small town in Utah has moved to the U.K. She has a secret... During the night and sometimes in the day she has night terrors. They scare her to death. The only one she has met that can wake her from them is her specially trained German Shepherd, Apollo. When Jayzen starts school at a new collage she meets new friends. Five boys. They quickly know her secret and Invite her to live with them. She also starts crushing on one... Who turns out to be her savior when her worst nightmares become more real...

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7. Knowing the truth...

I sat up in the hospital bed watching Niall as he talked with the person by the door. Apollo looked at me, his tail wagging from side to side. He was laying on the bed with me, the nurse had brought him in. I guess Niall had brought him. I looked over at the vase of flowers that the nurse had brought in and picked it up. It was full of pink daisies, there was also a card hooked on the side. I pulled it off setting the vase down on the table. I read the card, ‘Hey SlaDer!’ I groaned with annoyance, but read on. "Hope you feel better!’ Signed Zayn. My heart fluttered as I read his name, when I looked closer I saw a little heart by his name. As I sat there smiling like an idiot, footsteps started coming closer. I quickly stuffed the note under the blanket and looked up. It was Zayn. “Zayn! Your Here!” I looked around, “What happened to Niall?” I asked kind of missing the Irish food lover. “Oh, I sent him to the food court.” A giggle escaped my lips. Zayn smiled his tongue barely peeking out between his teeth. “He told me you wanted to know what happened…” He trailed off bitting his bottom lip. He did that a lot, and I mean a lot. I nodded wanting to know why I’m in the hospital. The nurses didn’t even know. Zayn sat down in the chair next to my bed. He looked me intensely in the eyes, that scared me. He took a deep breath and started. I leaned forward as told me how scared I looked he laughed a little when he said I ran into a door. “That would explain why my whole body hurts.” I giggled. He gave me a weak smile and continued. He said that I was screaming and kicking at an invisible person. I sat up as he finished, I sat there as everything sank it. “I can’t believe that happened in public,” I cupped my face in my hands and started to cry. Zayn got up and sat next to me on the bed. He wrapped his arms around me pulling me close. I buried my face in his chest and sobbed, it felt good and right to be with Zayn. Someone had entered the room, because they cleared their throat. I sat up and wiped my eyes. Zayn got off the bed and walked up to Niall. He was sitting at the door holding two bags that had the McDonalds sign on them. Zayn took one and walked back over to me. “Yes! Really food!” Zayn handed me the bag and Niall handed Zayn the bag he was holding. “Where’s your mate?” Zayn asked. A light pink rose to his cheeks, “I couldn’t wait, I… I ate it on the way back…” I giggled and opened the bag. I grabbed the fries and the small cup of vanilla ice cream. “Are you going to eat your ice cream first?” Zayn was giving me a funny look. Then I realized that they had never done this. “Okay!” I pulled my legs closer to me and crossed them. “Watch and learn! You take a French Fry and dip it in the ice cream.” I grabbed a fry, put it in the ice cream and brought it to my mouth. “Mmm!” Zayn looked at me funny. “Come on try! Here Niall you can use some of my fries and ice cream.” I handed it to him. He hesitantly moved over and grabbed a fry and dipped it in the ice cream. He brought it to his lips and chewed. “Zayn! Dude! You’ve got to try this!” Zayn tried, his eyes widened and tried it again. “Wow! We have to show the boys this!” He laughed. After we ate the doctor came in and told me I could leave. He wanted to speak with Zayn and Niall while I got back into my clothes. The hospital dresses are very uncomfortable. When I was done I grabbed the giant teddy bear and the flowers. Zayn had taken Apollo out with him, I went to open the room door when I remembered. “The note!” I squeaked and set the flowers down and fumbled through the sheets. I felt a little piece paper and grabbed it. I pulled it out and looked at it. "Yes!" I put it in my pocket, and grabbed my stuff once more. My hand was on the door handle when it started to turn. I jumped back as Zayn opened it. "Hey! Your ready! Come on let's go." He grabbed the bear Niall had bought me. Niall was in the hall holding Apollo, as he sat right next to him his tail beating against the floor. "Let's go, we have something to tell you," Zayn looked kinda nervous, but Niall was excited. We left the hospital and drove to my house.

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