My father, the bodyguard ~ 1D

Hi. My name is Rachel. I'm 19. I have never met my biological Father. My mother remarried when I was 3. My last name is Higgins. I have never had a boyfriend, nor been kissed. My mother has organised a meeting with my Father. My Friends are only my friends because they have a wierd suspicion that I'm related to some hot-shot bodyguard. Never have I believed them. And never will I in the future. But you never know.


2. Meeting the boys

Rachels POV


Paul insisted on dragging me to meet the people he protects. One direction. Just incase you were wondering, I thought that with a scowl. Like a thowl, or a scought. We stepped into his black van. He told me that they didn't drive white vans, cause people would think they were pedos.

He pulled the van door open to reveal 5 boys tugging on something. "I WANNA GIVE IT TO HER!" A handsome boy with beautiful green eyes and fluffy brown curls screamed. "SHE PROBOBLY LIKES GUYS WHO EAT CARROTS! SHE'S MINE, I WANNA GIVE IT TO HER!" A boy with a nice ass exclaimed. "MAYBE SHE WANTS TO BE WITH SOMEONE MORE MATURE, LOOK AT YOU FIGHTING OVER IT! I'M GIVING IT TO HER!" A boy with a buzz cut said, trying to tug it from the other boys. "SHE LIKES GUYS WITH QUIFFS! WERE SEXY! MINE!" A boy with a quiff yelled, how did I know that? "JUST QUIT IT, I'M GIVING IT TO HER!" A cute boy with dyed blonde hair (I could tell cause he has roots) yelled.

Paul pulle dout a whistle and blew it. 4 boys let go of the box. The nice assed one held on, achieving his goal to give it to me. He cheered to himself, doing a little dance. I smiled at his childishness. I could tell we already had alot in common. He had brunette hair, blue eyes and a careless attitude. Not to mention a nice ass.

"Boys, this is my daughter. Rachel, these are the boys. Boys, this is Rachel." 4 boys said hello to me in perfect unison, but sexy ass waited untill all of them finished, to say hi. "HI RACHEL!" He screamed. I laughed. "Umm....I don't know your names." I said sheepishly.

Before paul could say something the boys intoduced themselves. "I'm Liam! I'll be your bestfriend from onwards." He said while hugging me. I heard the boys growl. I pulled from the hug.

"I'm Harry." The boy with curls said while wrapping his arms around my waist. I pushed him off. "Nice to meet you Harry" I said in a seductive tone. I always had a knack for being sexy in highschool. He grinned and complimented my flirting skills.

The quiffed guy didn't hug me, he shook my hand. "I'm Zayn. Liam told you a lie, I'm your new best friend." I laughed as Liam scowled at him. I walked up to a 3rd boy.

He was indugling on a chocolate bar. I pulled it out of his hands and finished it. He glared at me. "You have made a powerful enemy. And his name is Niall." He growled. I growled back.

I walked up to the one with a nice ass. "I'm Louis. AKA, the one with the great ass." He said, while ugging me. I place my lips next to his ear. "I was just thinking that." I felt his chills.

"Rachel will be staying with you guys for a while." I heard, still in Louis arms. I pulled out and stared at my father. "No. No. No. Please no." I begged, on my knees. "I thought we made a good impression." Harry muttered. "I'm sorry, but we don't have space for another person." I sighed and thought of his new family.

"Okay, How hard can it be?" I said. He smiled.


*at the boys house*


Well. This is sooooooooooooooooooooooo fun. I'm kidding. I'm bored out of my mind. We just got here and Louis insisted of letting me put my stuff in his room. Oh! The letter! I sprinted to Louis room. I swung the door open to reveal him in a towel, covering his lower reagons. TONED. TONED. TONED. TONED. TONED. TONED.

I covered up my wide eyes after 5 seconds of drooling. "Youre in here, why?" He asked, his sweet sccent filling the room. "Ummm......" I hummed. ""Shower?" He asked. I nodded under my covered eyes. "You can uncover your eyes now." He groaned. I opened up to him wearing sweats with a bare chest. "Whoa...Mama." I muttered.

He smiled. "I'll let you have your shower." He walked out of the room. SEXUAL TENSION! I decided to give him a little bareness if he wants to go all topless on me.

I grabbed a thin fabric tank top with a black lacey push up bra, with sweats that show the hem of your knickers. I grabbed my lacey black knickers as well. I skipped to the shower.....time for payback.

I turned the water on, waiting for it to be lukewarm. I like it when its lukewarm! Not too hot, not to cold. Not too warm, either. I peeled my clothes off, walking into Louis shower. I can't believe 2 bums this sexy have been in the same shower. I'm awe struck. I still can't believe I've never been kissed. I'm awe-struch, yet again.

I turned the shower off after doing all my buisness. I grinned while drying with the fluffy towels. I slowly put the pajamas on. I admired my reflection before walking out into his room. I trotted over to the suitcase, picking the letter out. I sat down on his super poofy and fluffy comforter.

I ripped the chucky letter open. A huge wad of cash fell onto my lap. I gasped. I looked inside for a letter explaining the appearence of the money, but I had no such luck. I hushed my squealing and put the roll of money into the black suitcase.

I walked out into the loungeroom, not even remembering what I was wearing. I smiled at the boys. They were staring at something directly below my head...I looked down and saw my clothes. "Why are you staring at my boobs?" I asked with a smile tugging at the corners of my mouth.

The boys looked away sheepishly. I grinned and sat down next to Louis. He was staring at the TV. "What are we watching?" I whispered into his ear. "N-nemo." He stuttered. I laughed remembering a story.

"HA! I once got so drunk, I dived into my friends pool and started looking for Nemo!" I chuckled at how stupid I am when I'm drunk. The boyd laughed. Louis turned to me. "I was once so drunk I jumped into my cupboard and screamed out 'where the fuck is narnia?!'" I laughed. "I once asked my boyfriend if he was single, I was so drunk." He grinned competitivly. "I once jumped into the fireplace and screamed out 'diagon alley'." I laughed. "I can beat you. I once went up to a semi-trailer and whispered; 'I know your secret......Oprtimus Prime.'" He laughed.

"You win, Figgins." I hugged him. He laughed and wrapped an arm around my shoulders.








I could get used to this.

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