Our love & their judgement

"Remember the day we met?"
"Of course I do"
"Remember when I said 'I'll love you till the end of time?"
"Time is still to pass..."
Age is just another way to separate two lovers, if you really love them, you will accept everything & shut down what others have to say...


9. Your drunk!

Candice's P.O.V 
I was already at the party. Me and Cal had come like at 8:46 because I couldn't find my curling wand. "Why do you need to curl your hair, now we're late!" Cal said when we got off of the car service. Did I mention Cal was now 17? I was still 13, turning 14 in July 9th. "She's a girl, she needs a little bit of style when she's going to a party. Right babe?" Justin said. I got butterflies. "Yes, see Justin understands!" I said hitting him playfully. I was wearing a light pink laced peplum dress with hot pink pumps with bows. I had my hair on my right side and a small hot pink ribbon on my head. I carried my hot pink Gucci purse and I had pearl earrings on. I think I saw Harry on the front door talking to a girl with shiny black hair. "Haz!" I yelled. "HEY!!" Harry said waving like a maniac. "Have fun!" Cal said going inside the house with Justin. "Harry, sorry for interrupting your moment, but is Zayn here?" I asked. "No, it's fine. She's just my sister, Gemma who dyed her hair. And Zayn is here" Harry said smiling. "Thanks" I said about to leave but Harry grabbed my hand. It was so warm. "No hug?" Harry said with a puppy face. "Oh!" I said hugging him. "Enjoy!" I said to Gemma and Harry. I walked inside and saw Cristian with white shirt and red tie. "C-Christian?" I asked. I had seen him on the park when I was 11. "Hey" Christian said smiling. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I said hugging him. He had been friends with Cal when they were younger. Cal had went to Canada for some years and had been friends with Christian. "Thank you! Been a while aye?" he said looking at me. "I know! I can't believe your turning 16!" I said. "Yea.. I haven't seen you in years! How old are you now?" he asked. "13. Turning 14 pretty soon" I said. "I see... my other friend is turning 20 today so we have this crazy thing where there is soda and beer. So be careful!" he said holding my hand. I quickly took it out of his hand. "Something wrong?" he asked surprised. "Nothing. Let's go dance!" I said. "YEAA!" he said leading the way. It was crowded. People spraying those things and popping balloons, laughing crazy loud. "You know them all?" I asked. "... No.." he said. "Wow." I said and then Justin Bieber song, One Time came up. "THIS IS MA JAM!" I said. Both of us laughed. "You haven't changed!" Christian said. "May I borrow your date?" someone said behind me. "She's not my date.. and you'll have to ask her" Christian said smiling and looking down. "May I dance with you?" someone asked, I turned around and.. no.. Zayn was there. "Where's your girlfriend?" I asked. "She.. she cheated on me" Zayn said with anger in his eyes. "I'm not gonna dance with you just because you wanna make her jealous. I'm not a tissue you can use and throw." I said. I sounded like a drama queen but I talked in a low, chill voice. "I'm sorry.. I'm not mad about that. I promise, and I don't lie to girl. I.. I just really like you." Zayn said. "What the hell? We've met like 3 days ago. I'm just 13 and you can't 'really like' someone this quick. This is your anger speaking ok?" I said. "No. I do.. why don't you trust me?" Zayn asked. "Zayn... your drunk" I said. "Who cares?" Zayn said. "I do. Why are you drinking?" I asked. "I drink because I wanna drink." Zayn said. "Fine. I'm not dancing with you. Go over to some other slut cause I'm not a big fan of drunks." I said excusing myself from the dance floor. I can't take this anymore. "Candice?" someone said. I looked back and saw Liam. "Hey" I said giving him a hug. "I'm sorry about Zayn." he said. "It's fine" I said. "Zayn lets all his feelings out when he's drunk. He says everything he feels so he might've cried and stuff. I'm sorry" he said. "It's ok.. wait, he tells the truth when he's drunk?" I asked. "Yea.. weird don't you think?" he asked. "Yea.. listen I've got a head-ache from the music. I'm going upstairs. See you" I said. "Bye" he said. I made my way upstairs and went inside this cold room. It was dark but I liked it that way. I went near the window and looked out. It was like 10 already I guess, since it was dark outside. The window was open and surprisingly the air was cool. Someone grabbed my waist. "Hey baby.. finally some time alone" he said. 

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