Our love & their judgement

"Remember the day we met?"
"Of course I do"
"Remember when I said 'I'll love you till the end of time?"
"Time is still to pass..."
Age is just another way to separate two lovers, if you really love them, you will accept everything & shut down what others have to say...


2. The first coincidence

Candice's P.O.V 
I woke up with a big head-ache. Why? I'm supposed to go shopping today, urg!! God just hates me doesn't he? Oh well, I'm still going shopping so HA! Why am I talking in my head? Anyways since I took shower yesterday, I skipped shower. I washed my face & brushed me teeth. I took my hair out of the bun & the weird thing is, it wasn't messy at all... Weird. I was still wearing my PJ's & I went downstairs. Mum & Dad had gone out to this 'wedding' where they had to help so they went super early. It was like 8:56 A.M right now. "Cal??" I yelled. "I'm taking a shower!" Cal answered. I then opened the fridge & got a strawberry yogurt & fruit salad. I took it to my room! I stepped inside my closet & decided to wear a black high low dress with a golden spike necklace, big golden bracelet & golden flats & my aviators. I like matching my outfits sometimes, it's cute. Anyways, I ate & logged on twitter. 

beleiber4life:- @CandyKnight your sooo lucky! I would die if I were you :) good luck!!
theBIEBZswag:- @CandyKnight I'm so jealous -,- but, good luck!!
shayLUVSbieber:- @CandyKnight Please be careful when u hold him :') he's my world... 

CandyKnight:- Guys thanks for these great mentions :* luf u! & I won't hog the biebz, we can share :)  

I tweeted. I was happy that the Beliebers were so understanding. Anyways, I.WAS.SO.EXITED. that I had no words... Then my head started hurting by all the things I was thinking. I grabbed my small purse. "Cal! I'm going to Rite Aid to get something, stay home & I'm going shopping with J & her mum K?" I asked. "Yea" Cal answered. Rite Aid was really close by, like 3 minuets away. Then I was texting J (Jenna) when I got inside Rite Aid & bumped into someone. "I'm so sorry" I said. The guy had hoodie & sunglasses but I could tell who he was. "Wearing sunglasses & hoodie will just make it more obvious" I said & continued texting J. I wouldn't tell her I just met Zayn Malik, cause she would tell the world! I got to the medicine aisle & saw the head-ache medicine, Aspirin or something. I bought a lip-gloss & Vanilla flavored body lotion, my fave! "You like Vanilla too?" someone asked. I turned around & saw Zayn with the "guy" Vanilla lotion. "Yup." I said trying to keep the conversation short. "You seem like your a celebrity too, any reason?" Zayn asked. "Yea, going shopping with J" I answered. Any 13 year old girl would kill to be at my place but I'm a Beleiber. "Ah! I find shopping fascinating!" he answered. "Yup.. I gotta go, bye!" I said & went out. "See ya!"he yelled back. I was so sure I saw someone take a picture of us, I didn't want people to know, so I just ran off. Tomorrow is the Justin Bieber Believe concert. I can't wait. Quickly I logged on twitter while I was on my way home. 

JustinBieber:- #BelieveConcert Opening act is a mystery guys! You'll love it! :) Love you guys  

Justin Tweeted. Now I'm guessing constantly... Carly Rae? No, she did it last time... Selena Gomez? No... they don't have a good relationship right now. Cher Lloyd? Maybe... my heart still doesn't think so... Ed Sheeran... no he is in London right now. One Direction... no.. maybe.. no... I got home! Thank goodness, my head was gonna explode!! 

3 hours later 

"Thank you aunty!" I said hugging J's mom. "No problem sweetie, & I'll pick you up at 9 sharp ok?" she asked. "Defo!" I said. (Definitely) "Bye, J!" I said waving. "Bye Candy!" Jenna replied. They were inside the car & I was inside my house. Cal was at his soccer game & I was home alone. I bought a black & white peter pan collared top & purple shorts. I bought black wedges with purple bow on the back. You might think I'm not old enough to wear heels, but I can rock them! I'm joking, I like them. My hair would be in a pony-tail with a purple bow rubber-band. I took my clothes off & wore my black 'coco-cola' sleeveless shirt & pink sweatpants. I went downstairs to get food. It was about 12:09 A.M right now so I decided to rest for a while & chill. Just watch movies, have popcorns, candies & milkshake. Cal also left me some McDonalds he ate in the morning. 



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