Our love & their judgement

"Remember the day we met?"
"Of course I do"
"Remember when I said 'I'll love you till the end of time?"
"Time is still to pass..."
Age is just another way to separate two lovers, if you really love them, you will accept everything & shut down what others have to say...


6. Rumor has it

Candice's P.O.V 
I was hurrying so we could meet Justin & I could thank him for one of the best day of my life. "Candy!" Justin said hugging me. I'm having fangirl moment inside my heart, it's betting & it has just exploded, fire-works everywhere. "Justin! Thank you for having me, it was one of the best days of my life! You were amazing, it touched my heart. Really" I said messing his hair up. "I'm grateful you liked it, you guys are the reason I do this. Your really great!" Justin said kissing my cheek. I blushed like crazy. "You make me blush! Blush! Blush!" Scooter sang pretending to be me. "Stop guys" Justin said hugging me.


"Wasn't that fun?"Jenna asked. "Thank you so much, I'll thank you so much but it'll not be enough" I
said hugging J. We were in her couch in the backyard house. That was where we had our sleep-overs, parents in the house, party animals in the backyard house! "Aw, don't" J said. She was chatting on Facebook with this guy & I was on twitter, I just love it! My mentions had gone crazy. 

@Ms.Malik:- Clearly @CandyKnight is a 13 year old slut. She doesn't deserve to be with Zayn. He is mine! MINE YOU HEAR? 

@VasHappnin?:- @CandyKnight should go get a plastic surgery, she would look better without a face -,- smh 

@BradfordBadGurl:- @CandyKnight should find someone her own age, what does Z see in her? 

I was furious, I said I wasn't dating him, I didn't want to! 

@CandyKnight:- Ya'll gotta stop hating & get over it. I date Zayn or not is my problem. My life My choices, get ur own job, & MYOB. 

I tweeted. Slowly tears fell out of my eyes. "Hey, what happened?" J said coming to hug me. "Nothing.. they think I'm dating Zayn & they're giving me hate.." I said. "Don't cry over the wanna-bees" J said. "Is this how love should be? I don't love Zayn but when two people are in love... do they get hated like this?" I asked. "Candy... don't cry over the idiots who have nothing to do in their life. They are a bunch of people who are jealous & want the best for themselves. Look at them, if you cry it makes you look weak & they think you lost. You have to show them your a fighter & your hear to win" J said. "Thank you J" I said hugging her. 

@JasmineStyles:- They are cute.. look at this pic! 
It was a picture of me & Zayn on the stage at Justin's concert. 

@Naomi_Liam_Payne:- They should date, look the paparazzi caught them together at the concert roof top. ;) 
It was a pic of Zayn & me on the roof. 

Then Zayn & Justin both tweeted. 

@ZaynMalik:- Don't give hate to @CandyKnight, she's wonderful. What's her full name? When was she born? What is her life story? If u can't answer these questions, you don't know her well enough 2 judge. 

@JustinBieber:- @CandyKnight is really sweet, she deserves anything but hate. She is 13 ppl, r u tht sick to hate on a young girl jus cuz she was seen with ur idol? #sick

@CandyKnight:- @JustinBieber & @ZaynMalik thx for the kind words but this is MY fight & I might be 13, but I can fight on my own. :) Best way ignore, go ahead & tweet me ugly stuff, I'm not readin em, so I won't be bothered. :*

@ZaynMalik:- ;) thts my girl

@JustinBieber:- Love you :* 

@CandyKnight:- Luf you both :* @JustinBieber & @ZaynMalik 

I smiled & went to tumblr. Yes, I use that too, guilty as charged. I typed #Zaydice cause I wanted to see what was going on. There were like 6 or 7 blogs just about me & Zayn. That's weird. There were pictures of us & there was this picture of me hugging Justin & me holding hands with Zayn. It said #Custin (Kus-tin) or #Zaydice (Zay-Dice)? "Not another drama" I said to myself. Rumor has it. People already had #Custin or #Zaydice all over tumblr & twitter. I just shut down the world & fell asleep. Tomorrow was a Justin Bieber/1D signing. They never did anything like it... Justin would sign while 1D would sing & meet the fans & Justin would sing & meet the fans while 1D was signing. Weird, they're at the same place. it's called 'The Mashup JB/1D' 

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