Our love & their judgement

"Remember the day we met?"
"Of course I do"
"Remember when I said 'I'll love you till the end of time?"
"Time is still to pass..."
Age is just another way to separate two lovers, if you really love them, you will accept everything & shut down what others have to say...


5. Overrated!

 Candice's P.O.V  
I'm backstage hanging out with one of the biggest boy band, One Direction. Most girl's dream, so instead of 
criticizing, I thanked for this moment. "You guys were really great! Thank you so much for opening the concert with your amazing talent!" I thanked hugging each one of them. "Thank you for coming. We had a feeling you weren't a big fan, but your really sweet!" Harry said kissing my hand. "I'm 13" I said knowing this would change every which way, that the boys would think of me. "Your really beautiful" Harry said making me blush a little. "I'm Candice & my girl, Jenna" I said. "Hey I'm Jennifer" who I think was Louis said. "That's Louis" Harry said. I confuse Louis & Liam. "I'm Liam" Liam said & they all introduced themselves. Niall was already eating a candy bar or something. The guys & us were talking in a room because Justin would come in soon, he was answering twitter questions. I excused myself, I needed fresh air, the air was really hot in the room. I went upstairs & opened the door that lead to the top of the building. Fresh air hit my face & I was felt cool. "Hey" a dude said behind me. I turned around & saw Zayn. "Hi" I said. "So.. your 13?" Zayn asked. "Look, you don't need to hang out with me if there's a problem. And yes, I am 13" I said. "There's no problem in that. You just seem laid back for your age.. you know?" he asked. "Yea... I've got that a lot. I'm young, I should enjoy my time, but I like just the way I am. Not to wild & not to up tight." I answered. "I said the same thing... let's check out my twitter." he said. "I like you Malik. Go ahead" I said. He unlocked his phone & went on twitter, then I saw a bunch of stuff.

@SarahGonzalez23:- #Zaydice is confirmed! Zayn tweeted '@CandyKinght don't be surprised, they know ALOT. Now it's official.     
"It's official? We were talking about the other thing. The Rite Aid thing" I said. "They make up the craziest things, read this other one" Zayn said. 

@TeenGossips:- #Zaydice what's your opinion? Zayn confirmed his relationship but there are rumors he has been cheating on the poor young girl, Candice. What will happen?  

I laughed. "We have been fake dating for what, 3 days & they already see me as a poor young girl. Don't you ever get tired of these things?" I asked still laughing. He laughed too. "Exactly, but these things keep my life entertained. Of course it gets annoying, but I like ignore them, when they go extreme." Zayn said looking in my eyes. "What.. what happened with the Little Mix girl?" I asked. "It was a stunt. Don't get me wrong, I don't wanna lie to my fans but management thought the attention would be a little less if I was dating someone. Fans were coming inside our house & stuff, it was extreme... so we had to do that. Perrie & I are still friends. I never looked at her any other way" Zayn said. "Even though it was a stunt, you kissed her... I know I'm just 13 but a kiss seems way too friendly" I said looking at the scene. "Well, your right. It was.. I had to do it. I felt terrible after that, like my kiss meant nothing anymore" Zayn replied. "Well... at least you felt something" I said & I was about to leave but Zayn caught my hand. "We should hang out.. sometime" he said. "Yea, we should" I said & as I was about to leave but the thread in his hand, the one's you wear because of your religion (not to be mean) was stuck in the charms of my bracelet. "Seriously" I said trying to take it off. Zayn grabbed my waist "Chill, I'll take it off" he said & started to take it off. I swear to god I saw a flash. Then there were more flashes. "Shoot! The paps" Zayn said & took me by the waist so they wouldn't harass or push me. He held me & put his over me. He opened the door but it wouldn't open. Great. We now had to take the stairs. "Zayn, is it true you two now are a couple?" "Zayn please say something & clear things up" "Don't you think this is a little overrated? Zayn why don't you wait for Cara to be 17?" "Are you happy?" They shouting so many questions. "Just ignore them" Zayn whispered & we continued to walk. Someone accidentally or I hope, pulled my hair. "Ow" I said. "Hey, your hurting her. Please get out of the way" Zayn said to the paps. "It's ok" I whispered in this ear. We were downstairs. "I'm sorry for this mess, did they hurt you?" he asked. I chuckled. "Don't pretend like you care. I'm fine" I said. "I do care.. you might not see it" he said. "Well.. I wanna meet Bieber, so speed up" I said.  

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