Our love & their judgement

"Remember the day we met?"
"Of course I do"
"Remember when I said 'I'll love you till the end of time?"
"Time is still to pass..."
Age is just another way to separate two lovers, if you really love them, you will accept everything & shut down what others have to say...


7. Nothing's fine, I'm torn..

Candice's P.O.V 
2 days had passed since the Mashup thing. I thought I was strong & I could ignore the hate, but it came up to the point where everyone blamed me... they said I was using Zayn, I forced Zayn to like me, I had voodoo magic or something. Do you know what it's like to be hated my 5 million people for something that isn't even true?? It is the terrible feeling... I locked myself in my room & replayed the mash up day. 

"Everyone welcome our special guests the beautiful Candice Knight & Jenna Harley, the girls who won the competition!" Louis said. The crowd had cheered. We got their autograph & hanged around the building watching them perform or play random games. "You know your quite the slut. Dating some 20 year old guy. For gods' sake get a freaking life & at least wear a little make up. Oh, & try dressing like your own age, your not 19." a girl said. She was about to leave & J was gonna say something but I stopped her & grabbed the girls' hand. "Look, do you know what I've been through, how I survived at school? No. Why do people like you, who know the least always 
have to comment the most? If you were me, & I hated on you for a stupid rumor, I swear to god you wouldn't be so calm. So your a lucky slut." I said. I was wearing a light blue lace dress with bow back. It came 1 inch above my thigh. I put my hair in a pony tail & had no make up on. I had white wedges with bow & a white JB necklace. I had small white heart earrings. I'm sure I didn't look like a slut. "Ex-cuse me? I'm not a slut" she said giving me a look. "Your right. Sluts would never wear a short tight dress that help your boobs look bigger. Sluts don't wear 6 inch heels when they're meeting celebs. Sluts don't wear over-dose make up, looks like Crayola barfed on your face & Sluts definitely don't wear dress that is falling off almost showing your fake boobs. Nice try." I said grabbing J's hand & left the girl with an expression. Pity. That felt good but I can't answer 5 million people!! Every girl I passed made remarks about how I couldn't get a guy my own age, or how gross I looked. To be honest, it hurts. It hurts seeing people hating you because your the way you are, they hate you because you wore an ugly dress, they hate you because you are dating their husband. For real? "For the last time, I'm not dating Zayn." I said to a girl who showed me the middle finger. "He doesn't like you. He is using you to get his ex back. How does it feel like getting used?" the girl asked with a smile. Ugh. "I don't know you tell me. I heard you've been used like a tissue for the past few years. How does it feel?" I asked her copying her smile. She rolled her eyes & left. I was strong... but I can't pretend anymore. I can't stay strong, I've heard more than 56 girls tell me how ugly I am. I really can't. "Look, why do you do it? Why are you using Zayn? You ugly & really fat. You could loose some weight." "Omg... I would die if I looked like you... really, it's disgusting" "How could Zayn date her.. oh wait. REALITY!! HE'S JUST USING HER" "Geez, girl's gotta loose some weight" "I think she takes drugs" "She's such a slut" "Dang, who knew someone could be so ugly?" If your heard these words... wouldn't you get hurt? If people said these things to you when you pass, wouldn't it make you feel insecure? Tears formed & I left without telling the guys. How rude... but I couldn't take it anymore... I just couldn't. 

I went to the bathroom, looked at myself in the mirror. I am not pretty... I couldn't see the confident girl I was anymore... she was fading. I closed my eyes. I know what I would do. I got a blade from the cabinet & looked at myself on last time. I took a deep breath. "You can have your Zayn. I'm leaving. I'm sorry Mom & dad.. love you Cal & thank you Justin..." I said & cut myself deeply. The pain was deep but for some reason I felt good. I think I'm dead... I'm at a better place now.... 


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