Our love & their judgement

"Remember the day we met?"
"Of course I do"
"Remember when I said 'I'll love you till the end of time?"
"Time is still to pass..."
Age is just another way to separate two lovers, if you really love them, you will accept everything & shut down what others have to say...


14. #Custin Candice+Justin

Candice's P.O.V 
Today Justin was sick so he texted me. 
J-Boo<3: Aye, I'm sick Candy :/ 
Me: Wht happened? :/ 
J-Boo<3: Stood in the rain for too long. Your fault :P 
Me: Wha?? How?? 
J-Boo<3: I waited outside ur house but 
no one waz home n I waited for 2 hours!!! >:( 
Me: Oh.. I'm sorry how should I make it up to you???
J-Boo<3: Muuhhaaa, I knew you'd ask that...
Me: o.O 
J-Boo<3: come over, Scooter will pick u up but DON'T tell people bout where I live. K? 0.0 
Me: LoLoLoLoL gotcha Mr. Goody Goody :P 
J-Boo<3: WAAAHHAAAWAAAA :"( I'm no goody goody.. I'm baddy baddy :O 
Me: ... you. need. help. SEE YA, GOTTA GET READY!! XOXOX'S LUV YOUU :* 
J-Boo<3: Love you more than infinity! HAHA. I WON! K.. byeee 

 I wore ripped shorts with a white tank-top and Justin's black & white plaid shirt with white Supra'. I put my hair in a pony-tail and put a white bow on the back. "Mom, I'm going over to my friends house!" I said. "Alright, where is your brother Cal?" she asked. I shrugged my shoulders and made my way to the kitchen. I grabbed an apple, washed it and then ate it. "Alrighty, see ya" I said hugging my mom. "be home soon!" Mom said opening the T.V. I went outside and hugged Scooter. "Hii grandpa!!" I said. "Hello Ms. Bieber" he said. That made me blush. "Alright, let's go!" I said getting in the car. "How's Justin?" I asked. "He's got the Bieber-Fever himself" Scooter said. We both laughed. "Should I get him something.. like donuts?" I asked. "No, he needs to be careful of what he eats" Scooter said. "Gotcha" I said. "We're here" he said a few minuets later. "Some, not a lot but some people know me, so you better were these" he said handing me aviators. "Where-" I was saying. "Justin" he said. 'Oh' I mouthed and we got out of the car. There was a small gate and we went inside then there was a big garden with another big gate. "She's with me" Scooter said to the guards and we went inside a building. We went upstairs and there was a very lonely looking Justin in the pool that was inside. "Wooww" I said looking around. "Heeyy Candy!" Justin said getting up slowly. "Hi JuJu" I said hugging him. "As you see, I've been very lonely" he said. "With a house like this.. I'd never get lonely" I said with big eyes. Justin chuckled. "So, did you bring your bikini?" Justin asked. "what? Why?" I said. "Hello, it's summer" Justin said, sounding like a fashion police. "Ah, I didn't know" I said sarcastically. "But I have" Justin said. "Why do you have.. I'm not even gonna ask" I said. We went inside and saw Pattie. "Oh, hey Candice!!" Pattie said hugging me. "Ms. Mallette!" I said hugging her. "I'm not that old! Call me Pattie.. or mom.." Pattie said smiling. "Alrighty Pattie.. wow that felt so weird" I said blurting out my thoughts. "Oops.. I said that out loud" I said covering my mouth. They laughed at my stupidity. "Mom, can I have the new bikini that you said was small for you" Justin asked. ".. I'm not gonna say anything.." Pattie said handing him the bikini. It was a maroon strapless bikini with a golden hook. "ooh" I said. "I know, that's why I bought it but when I look at the back it's XS.. can you believe that? And the store lady didn't even say anything" Pattie said going to the 'oh-my-shopping' mode. "I know, last time-" I was saying. "Ok Ok, bored Justin is getting more bored, let's go!" Justin said pulling me from my arm. "Bye Pattie, thank you" I said. "Anytime sweetie" she said. Me and Justin had a fun time but the sad thing was he couldn't get in the water because he was sick but he was in the balcony which was next to the pool. He watched me play with the floating dog and kept smiling. "What? Have you never seen a girl play with a floating dog?" I asked. "Actually no.. your the first one" he answered. We both laughed. I got out of the water and sat next to him, the sun was shining. "So.. you never told me about.. Selena.. she must've been great" I said looking at him, in the eye. "She was perfect, but perfect doesn't last long. She.. she was a drunk and as hard as it is to believe... I couldn't love her. I couldn't make her feel in cloud 9 so she left." Justin said looking at the garden. "Boo. I am sorry if I brought back the memories.. I just had to get that off my chest" I said. "Don't we all?" Justin said, wiggling his eyebrows. "So last time I went to the beach right,  there were sand crabs an-" I said but was cut off again. But this time not by his voice... by his lips. He kissed me! Justin. Drew. Bieber. Kissed. Candice. Cassidy. Knight. O.M.G.!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! He looked at me. "I-I'm sorry.. I shouldn't have.. I just couldn't help myself.. Uhm.. did I make you feel weird?" he said. "No.. but you did make me feel explosive.. and butterfly-ish" I said. We both laughed at my words again. "That's why I love you" Justin said tickling me. Later on he dropped me off and it was quite fun.. very fun... 

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