Our love & their judgement

"Remember the day we met?"
"Of course I do"
"Remember when I said 'I'll love you till the end of time?"
"Time is still to pass..."
Age is just another way to separate two lovers, if you really love them, you will accept everything & shut down what others have to say...


4. CONCERT! & the surprise...

Candice's P.O.V  
"Jenna!" I yelled as I opened the door. Jenna was here, so that means it's time to meet Justin in person! I hugged her. "Candy!!" she said, she calls me Candy for short. I got my white Mulberry bag & locked the door. Then we went inside the car. "Hey aunt Janis, you look gorgeous!' I said closing the car door behind me. "Hey sweetie. You look like really mature yourself!" she said. I took that as a complement. "Thank you" I replied & me & J gossiped the whole time about how epic it would be to finally meet Justin after being a Belieber for so long. Many people always said I look sophisticated & mature for my age. They say "You look like your 18" or maybe "You so silent. I'm worried, kids your age talk a lot!" I  don't know if that's a good thing but i take it as a complement. When we got there there were like 43 people there already. Then 'Justin the God of Hotness' came out & I was literally, just staring with my eyes popping out. The girls started screaming & yelling 'Justin! I LOVE YOU" "Justin your so hot!" "Justin will you marry me?" & what not. I didn't noticed he was coming my way, I was surprised when I saw him in front of me. "Hey" he said. "Hi" I said smiling pretending like i wasn't nervous at all. But I was... my idol, the ONE person that would always make me smile, the person I loved for 4 years straight without even thinking about any other star.. was right there. IN FRONT OF ME. "Candice?" he asked. "Yea, You look... cute" I said. I slapped my self mentally. You look cute? Out of all the things, i say cute? He thinks I'm a weirdo. He laughed. "Your so cute" he said hugging me. I kinda died in his arms. (It's his song Die In your Arms.) "Your like.. beautiful" I said. "I don't know, I see someone more beautiful in front of me" he said. I blushed. "aww" he said hugging me again. Jenna hugged him & her mom came after parking her car. "Ok, you guys ready?" Justin asked. "Yes, please lead the way" Janis (J's mom) said. He walked & we followed him. There were securities so people wouldn't rip Justin in half. We got inside & Justin went inside to talk to his mom or someone. I looked at J & I jumped up & down. FAN-GIRLING LIKE CRAZY! "AH! HE IS SOO CUTE. OH MY GOD, HE IS LIKE.. UGH! HIS EYES & HIS HAIR, OH MY GAWD!" I said jumping like crazy. "Oh, so you do that when I'm not here, but you can't even give me a kiss on the cheek?" a voice said. I hope it's not who I think it is. I turned around & saw Justin & Pattie (Justin's mom). I was so embarrassed, I was blushing like crazy. Justin came closer to me. He touched his cheeks motioning me to kiss it. I stepped forward & kissed his soft cheeks. "That's better" he said & we went inside. I hugged Pattie, she is my other idol. She was so strong when times were hard. She took care of Justin instead of going out with her friends cause she was what.. 19? I.LOVE.HER.BOLDNESS. She's really inspiring to me. I saw Scooter & some other people who help make Justin Bieber complete. Jenna & me whispered to each other while we were walking. "So, guys show doesn't start until 4 hours. What do you wanna do?" he asked. "Wow, & the fans are here already?" I asked. "Yup" he said. "So.. are you ticklish?" he asked. Aw, I smiled, he was still such a dork. "What?" he asked. "Don't take this the wrong way but... your such a dork" I said smiling. Justin shook his head. "You have crazy thoughts." he said jokingly. We all laughed. "So, Candice & Jenna, are you looking forward to the concert?" he asked. "Yes.. this is my first concert" I said. "Then I promise it's gonna be awesome." Justin said taking my hand. "Yea, we've been waiting for this day... like forever!!" Jenna said. "Aw, do you wanna know who the opening act is?" he asked. "Duh??" J said. "I want it to be a surprise" I said. "Ok.. I'll tell Jenna" he said. He whispered something in J's ears. J's eyes like popped out right after that. "Holy... Candy is gonna flip!" she said. "She doesn't like.. you know who?" Justin asked. "She does... but she's not a big fan of 'you know who" J replied. i wanted to know.. but i also wanted this concert to be special & surprising to me. "Don't worry. I'll be nice to who ever is performing. I'm sure they'll do great for Justin" I said. "Your... your so cute!" Justin said pulling my cheeks. "Well, ow!" I said lightly punching his stomach & then.. RIGHT THEN, I felt his abbs. They felt... AWESOME!! I pulled my hand away quickly & blushed. "I know, they're awesome" Justin said lifting his shirt up but pulling it down quickly. "It's rated PG. How old are you two?" he asked raising an eye-brow. He does it all the time. "13" we both said. "Oh, Ok then" he said lifting his shirt. "Oh, Bieber & his fantasies. I can hardly see your  abbs" I said jokingly. "That hurt" he said tickling me. "help me!" Justin said to J. "No!!" I said. Jenna came closer & tickled me too. "You betrayer!" I yelled.



"Justin your going in 3 minuets!' a lady said. "Break a leg, Justin. Love you" I said hugging him. "You'll do great, I feel it!" J said hugging him. "Thanks guys" Justin said drinking water. He then started stretching, & taking deep breaths. "You did it so many times, I'm surprised you still get nervous" J said. "I wanna give my best for my Beliebers. They do so much for me, I just don't wanna disappoint them.." Justin said. "You never did. Never will. We'll lover you no matter what" I said holding his hands. He then left & looked at the crowd. They were yelling random stuff & going crazy. "New York!" he shouted. The crowd yelled. "How you doing? Are you ready to see the awesome mystery performance??" he yelled. The crowd yelled louder. He ran backstage & then the lights went off. Slowly the music came on.
Oh, I just wanna take you anywhere that you like.
We could go out any day, any night.
Baby I'll take you there, take you there
Baby I'll take you there, there!

What?? One Direction? I had a feeling but I never believed it. ONE DIRECTION? The crowd went crazy again. I was getting deaf. I had to pee now.... UH-OH. Finding a bathroom with this many people... IMPOSSIBLE. But I had to pee really bad. What the heck, I'll just go. I told J's mom & she said she would take me but I told her i would go myself. Aunt Janice pointed me which way & I started walking. I felt a pair of eyes watching me. I had front row seats. I looked up at the stage & saw Zayn looking at me. He waved. I waved back smiling. I gave him a thumbs up sign & he smiled. "Zaydice moment!" someone from the 4th row yelled. I rolled my eyes & started walking again but then the spotlight came right on top of me. What now? I thought. "Miss Candice?" someone said from the microphone. I'm sure it was Zayn. I looked up & saw them coming down. 

Your hand fits in mine, like it's made just for me
but bare this in mind, it was meant to be..
I'm joining up the dots, with the freckles in your cheeks
& it all makes sense to me...  

Great. The song was 3 or 4 minuets long & I had to pee. But I didn't wanna criticize, they were making people feel beautiful.... so I just smiled as they sang. Zayn held my hand & slowly pulled me & kissed my cheeks. Harry came & kissed my hand. Niall was behind me, I could feel his breath behind my neck & Liam was touching the crowd's hands. Louis was smiling & all the way at the other side. The boys slowly moved but Zayn stayed there. He came closer, I put my hand on his chest. It was Harry's part now. I told Zayn to come a little closer. He did then I whispered, "I gotta pee." He looked at me & laughed. I did too, but now the pee thing was gone. "I'm sorry" Zayn said holding my hand. "It's fine, it was worth it" I said hoping they feel appreciated. When the song was over, I walked to the middle of the stage with the boys, & Zayn's arm on my waist. It was kinda uncomfortable but it felt right... What am I thinking? People cheered on & on. Finally they stopped & One Direction talked. "Thank you all! Our winner, Candice Knight too! & The legendary Justin Bieber everyone!" they said & Zayn pulled his arms out of my waist, took my hand & we headed backstage. They waved & there were so many flashes. We were inside now. "How do you perform without getting blind or deaf?" I asked. They laughed. "She's quite the banter" Louis said. I really don't get british talks. But now, it was Justin time... I watched him perform his song... it was beautiful... It gave me chills. I then went back to my seat shivering. "Here" Zayn said putting his Varsity jacket on my arm. "Thanks" I said wearing it. He sat next to me... I guess it was his seat. The boys came & slowly they were all sitting. I watched Justin carefully. I flashed him a big big big smile when he was done with his last song... My voice was dry so I didn't scream but inside I was really proud & happy with what Justin had done. Yes, sometimes being in this fandom hurts but at the end of the day, it's all worth it. Later on backstage...   





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