The arrow was pointed at her chest, straight to her heart. She had been targeted. Time to run.


2. Rabbits

"Amber!" My mother shrilly whispered "Get back over here! What the hell do you think you're doing?!"

I ignored her and her stupid whisper, irritated with her always adding cuss words into the littlest conversations, and continued to make my way slightly north, the direction I heard the stick snap.

Mother followed behind me "Amber," She drew out the 'r', "This is really not very smart." She sounded slightly nervous, and grabbed my arm, trying to hold me back.

Another stick cracked. The two of us froze, immobile, like frightened rabbits.

I stayed still, taking in my surroundings. A murder of crows sat on the branches of a tree, which was swaying and creaking in the wind. The sky was dark, a storm was coming. A fox was stalking a rabbit behind me.

"We are the rabbits..." I said slowly, slightly unfocused, my mother staring at me with big eyes, and I suddenly pulled her behind me, staring at the shadowed figure hiding beside a tree.
"And he is the fox! Run!" I yelled, grabbing my mother, trying to drag her away. She wouldn't move an inch.

"Mother. Common sense. He's going to kill you! We have to move!" My breathing quickened.

"No." She said quietly.

"What?! You're impossible!" She was going to get herself killed.

"No!" She said louder, and the Hunter, the fox, approached.

She shoved me and I stumbled.


And as I tripped, I heard an arrow whiz through the air, and hit it's target.

I picked myself up and dived away.

Never looking back, ignoring the tears down my cheeks.
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