The arrow was pointed at her chest, straight to her heart. She had been targeted. Time to run.


5. Mother

"You're wondering how I know your name." The old woman patted her hand on a root next to her, gesturing for me to sit down.

'Yes, a bit." I felt a little out of sorts.

Pansy jumped on her Mother's lap, and grinned at me.

"My Momma is smarter than yours!" She said to me.

I coughed, just so I wouldn't cry and didn't look her in the eyes, or reply whatsoever.

"Pansy! Go and find more berries." The woman shot Pansy a warning look and the little girl skillfully exited through the branches.

"I'm afraid that child doesn't have much manners, truely sorry." The woman said kindly.

I did my little cough, and wiped my eyes, using the cliçhe sentence "There was something in my eye."

The woman gave a half laugh, but there was a look in her eye that said 'If you're talking to me, you cannot lie.' It creeped me out a bit.

"I know your name," She tried to smooth the wrinkles on her ancient cloth dress "Because I am the spirit of all women."

I looked at her, raising my eyebrow "And I am a man." I said sarcastically.

"No, my dear, you are definetly not a man." She said seriously, paying no mind to my tone.

"That's absurd." I told her crossly.

"How do you think I managed to stay alive so long?" She questioned.

I mused that aspect over. " have a pretty good hiding place." I gestured at the thick, branchy wall surrounding us.

She shook her head, and sighing, looked in my eye

"You will get no where, and succeed nothing, if you don't believe."

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