The arrow was pointed at her chest, straight to her heart. She had been targeted. Time to run.


1. Introduction

It has always been instructed, through the ages of Alpha that woman were targets. Resources, to repopulate society, then throw to the wolves. Registered targets, for fun. Game, women were. A chickadee had more rights than a woman.

Boys were always taught that women were animals. A mere wolf, not a human. Meant to beg and catch their own food. At the age of five, training was taught. From camouflage, to shooting a bow and arrow. At age ten, most all of them could shoot a bulls eye, one arrow, one perfect hit.

Girls were always taught that the world was cruel.

And to love it while they lasted.

Because girls are always taught to be prepared to die.

As soon as the string was drawn back, there was no mercy. No need to run. You'd get caught anyways. This is what the mothers quickly taught the daughters. Knowing they would be the next to die.

But I knew that this couldn't go on.

A revolution was in order.

This couldn't go on forever, it was intolerable.

I watched my mother die, tall and proud, unafraid.

And I vowed that I would fix this. There would be no more stalking, no more killing. This needed to end.

Who knew I would be the one who started the war.
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