The arrow was pointed at her chest, straight to her heart. She had been targeted. Time to run.


6. Fell

"I'm going to get no where anyways." I said, glaring.

"Why so glum, chum?" Pansy cam bouncing back through the branches.

Her Mother gave her a pointed look that Pansy deflected.

"Guess what I found!" She said excited.

There wasn't anything in the girl's hands. I felt confused.

"What did you find, Pansy?" The old woman said suspiciously.

"Guess!" The tiny girl said with a wide grin.

"An apple tree?" I guessed, mouth watering, because I began to feel very hungry. An apple sounded very nice.

"No, something better! Follow me!"

Her mother and I shared worried glances, but parted through the branches, to look out.

"Where is it?" Her mother called.

"Just a little farther, follow me, sillies." Giggled Pansy, skipping down the path.

She stopped so suddenly I ran smack into her.

"Watch out." She glared at me, but her face softened. "Look."

There was a child. Maybe around sixteen years old.
And the child was a boy.

He was laying on the forest floor, on a pile of leaves, and trying to see through the trees to the sky.

"No, no Pansy do not go talk to him or say hello, his father will be back soon." Her Mother said with huge eyes.

But the little girl was already walking over.

"Go back to your house. I'll get Pansy." I whispered to her.

"No, I'm much older, much less valua—"

"I thought you were the spirit of all women. Will we not all perish if you're shot?" I whispered through gritted teeth.


"Well nothing. I'll be back. Goodbye."

And I continued through the trees after Pansy.

"Pansy! C'mon back!" I whispered loudly, but the girl was already approaching the tree behind the boy.

I cast a look both ways, and darted to her, grabbing her by the wrist, planning to pull her away. It didn't work as planned. I pulled her one way, she pushed the other, until we fell, with a crash, right next to the boy.

"Oh shit."
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