no control

This is a fanfic about Niall, Harry and a girl that has a very tough decision, or does she?


1. intro

Hi my names Katie and I'm Niall Horans girlfriend. Its been about a year and a half since we started dating. He's been my best friend since kinder and honestly the thought of loving him like this never crossed my mind. Everything is so easy when I'm with him and we can tell each other everything. I don't have a mum and dad, well I do but they're not really my parents, I'm adopted. My real parents are alcoholics and other then them I have no bloodline family. Thats why I was so excited when I got pregnant, because now I can have my own family. I moved out of my 'parents' house when I was finished with school to go live with Niall and since then I haven't really talked to them, except for birthdays and christmas, oh and to tell them that i was pregnant and that was 3 months ago. They were really happy for me and Niall though.

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