no control

This is a fanfic about Niall, Harry and a girl that has a very tough decision, or does she?


2. chapter 1

Niall's POV

I'm not all that sure about this, the pregnancy is all going so fast. I love Katie so much but I just never imagined being this age and preparing to be a father, but I guess I never thought I'd be in one of the biggest boy bands in the world. I think you could say that Katie being pregnant wasn't really planned although I've always wanted to make precious little babies with her I just wanted to do it right and be  happily married to her first! I hope I'm ready for it, Katie said I'll be a great dad and so did the rest of our families.

I woke up to the sound of Katie hurling her guts out in the toilet. Shit, thats not right.
"Fuck, NIALL!" Katie shouts, this can't be good she never swears unless she's really angry. "Coming" I shout from the bedroom, as I walk into the bathroom I'm greeted by the overwhelming smell of puke, god it makes me want to vomit but instead I walk over to Katie's side and hold her hair from her face. "Whats wrong sweets?" I ask slightly scared of her angry side. "Your the one that did this to me, I hate you." She replies quietly whilst curly into a ball on the cold tiles. "aha I can only apologise" I reply still unsure of how she might react to my not so seriousness, but she just smiles lightly and pulls me down next to her.

"I have to go Katie" I say angry with myself for letting management rule us. "Ok Niall, just bring me back nandos, anything that you think looks good. BRING IT BACK! I'm so hungry." "sure anything else? I just made you breakfast." I say laughing at her cuteness and kissing her on the head. "why not the lips?" she asked way to curiously. "umm.." "Ni, babe tell me." "You were sick this morning!" I shout while running out the door. While in the car my phone beeped.

*yo baby mama xo* (Katie changed her contact the other day, since she was getting fat she said its getting real)
I HATE YOU. I brushed my teeth Niall. Are you sure your a man? Your such a sook.

*from Niall*
Umm I think the thing thats growing inside you knows the answer to the question babe :)

*yo baby mama xo*
aha. hurry up with my food.

*from Niall* 
your gonna have to wait about an hour or two..

*yo baby mama xo* 
wahhhhhh!!! :(

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