Together Forever

For the One Direction Valentines Day contest!


1. Surprise!

I slip on my new red dress that my boyfriend, Harry Styles bought for me. He bought this for me to wear on Valentine's Day, which is today. I look at myself in my full length mirror. My blonde hair is fixed perfectly and my makeup is done well.

"Are you almost done, love?" Harry calls from downstairs, his voice filled with joy.

"I'm coming," I say making some last adjustments.

I make it downstairs and see Harry's smiling face. It's hard to believe we've been dating for a year now.

"You look beautiful, Brooke," Harry whispers, giving me a quick peck on the lips.

"And you look pretty handsome yourself," I giggle.

Harry smiles again showing off his perfect teeth. He wraps his arm around mine and leads me to his car.

"Are you ready for your surprise?" He asks, me fidgeting in his seat. I can tell that he is nervous.

I nod. Harry pulls out of our drive way and takes us to our destination. Harry held my hand the whole way there.

"Close your eyes. I'll lead you," Harry says, grabbing my hand and helping me out of the car.

I do as I'm told and let Harry lead me.

"You can open them now," he tells me.

I open my eyes and see that we are at the park where Harry and I met. Before me lies a table with delicious food on it. Soon, a guy appears carrying a violin. He begins to play softly.

"Oh Harry, it's beautiful," I hug him.

"I planned this out just for us," he says.

I pull away and look into his mesmerizing green eyes. Harry leans into kiss me.

"I love you, Brooke. Happy Valentine's Day."

"I love you too Harry."

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