The Day After Tomorrow


1. Will You Be My Valentine

You take a deep breath as you look in the mirror. You look perfect. (Y/Hair/Color) hair pulled up in a perfect messy bun, Victoria Secrete Pink yoga shorts, crop top that said "YOUNG, WILD, FREE" on it with a ripped hem. You smile. Perfectly casual.

Tonight seems like a normal night, hanging out with the boys, watching the Walking Dead and getting pizza. But it's not. Today has to be the day one of them asks to be your valentine. Valentines day is two days away!

You're really hoping its Zayn. You've had a crush him since you first met him a year ago.

You finish your make up, grab your bag, and head out the door. You jump in your car as the nerves get worse. What if none of them ask to be your valentine. Honestly, you would be honored to have any of them ask to be your valentine, but Zayn... There is something special about him. He's just so handsome and mysterious...

You snap out of your daydream just before hitting another car in front of you. There's a loud shriek of a car horn, and you jump.

You see the flat from your spot at the red light. You shift uncomfortably in your seat. In what seems like hours, you reach the front porch. Realizing the door is open, you slip in.

"Hi, guys!"

"Y/N!" They all shout in sync as you walk through the door. They're already putting in the season three Walking Dead DVD.

"Whose ready to party?" Zayn says, looking you the whole time. You blush and sit down.


Hours later, you lay upside down on the small sofa, chewing on your last piece of pizza crust. You yawn.

"I think I'm gonna go home soon. Thanks for the pizza and stuff," you point at Harry and smirk devilishly. "And you. Always remember. Daryl is mine." Harry laughs and wrestles you to the ground. Harry has always been your best friend, ever since you first met him.

"Wait!" Zayn quickly pulls you off of him, surprising you with a sad look from Harry. "I need to ask you something."

Oh my gosh. You totally forgot. You could not believe this is happening.

"Y/N," he cupped my chin in his hand. "Will you be my valentine?"

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