My Brother's Bestfriend

Zayn's Sister "Camila" is in love but with who? Will Zayn think it's okay??


1. Meeting in the airport...

Camila's P.O.V. "Zaynie" I yelled trying to find my brother. "Boo" Someone said behind me. I turned around and got wrapped in someone's arms."Zayn?"I said. " Yes Kiddo, It's Me" Zayn said. " I missed you so much!!" I half-yelled. " Can I get a hug?" Louis Said." Hey Boobear" I said while hugging him. I let go and steped to Liam's Direction. "Hey Liam"
I said. " Hello I've missed you plus Zayn keeps talking about you ALL the time" Liam said laughing and hugging me. I let go and step in Curly's direction. " Hey Curly " I said.I've missed you so much" Hazza said while hugging me. " We'll I missed you too" I said letting to but Harry didn't let go. " Umm You let go now" "Nope" " I... CAN'T... Breath... I said in between breaths." Opps Sorry" Harry said while letting him go.He kissed me on the cheek. I steped in Bloney's direction. " Hey Bloney" I said. " Sup Wiedo" He said while kissing me on the cheek. " SECRET HANDSHAKE!!!" I yell. We do our secret handshake *Can't tell you what it is It's a secret*He hugs me. I just loved his Horan hugs!!!" I've missed you ALOT" Niall Said. " You think I didn't miss you??" I said. I let go of the hug. Everyone was staring at me" What??" I said wierdy. " nothing. IT's just that you've changed into a girly girl..." " Look I've change ALOT but I'm still Care-less, Lazy, Stupid Camila....TRUST ME" I said wondering why would they be scared if I changed I mean it's okay if you Change right???..... *A/N Hey Gals and Guys hoped you liked it... I did it on my iPod... Sorry if it doesn't make sence and. btw Thanks for reading I love you guys!!!!
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