one chance

hey guys this story is for the 1D valantine comp, plz read, comment, favourite and like it would mean the world to me!!!


1. first and final

~Ellas POV~

I was walking along the street. I was feeling really down since my boyfriend just broke up with me. I went to the park near my apartment and sat on the swing.

"Excuse me luv, are you ok?" a young man with beautiful green eyes and curly hair asked sweetly.

Oh my god it was Harry Styles I could not believe my eyes.

"Omg Harry Styles!" I yelled jumping up and giving him a hug. "You have no idea how much i love you!"

"Thankyou, whats your name luv?


"Wow, thats beautiful."

I blushed like crazing, I think Harry was hitting on me.

Harry asked me out for lunch. I gave him my number and he distracted me from my ex; I was so glad.

That night I was thinking about tomorrow. It was valantines day.

vv vv vv, My phone vibrated. 3 txt messages from hazza. I smiled

Hazza: Are you free tomorrow?

Hazza: Are you there?

Hazza: Please dont ignore me.

I replied:

Me: Why?

Hazza: Would you mind being my valantine?

I was so shocked. I couldn't believe he actually liked me!


"GREAT, see you tomorrow luv :)."

The next day I got all dressed up in my white flowy dress. Harry pulled out the front of my apartment with 12 roses, he was so sweet. We drove for a good hour untill we got to a cubby house in the woods; it was all lit up with lights and decorated so romanticaly. We went inside and there was a beautiful table set up.

"Oh Harry, you didnt have to do this."

He kissed me, "Babe, I wanted to."

It was the best day of my life I just couldn't believe I had this one chance and I took it.


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