Why are you so beautiful?

Allison loves to sing and she will do anything to get her life in order. It's kinda hard when she works at Starbucks. Unless, a curly haired boy comes and changes everything and her past starts haunting her.


7. Why is he here?

Harry's POV

"Dad, what are you doing here?" Allsion said all shakingly

"Alligator-" Paul was cut short with Allison screaming at him, "DONT YOU DARE CALL ME ALLIGATOR!!!" I rubbed Allisons back to calm her down.

"Sweatheart, I'm only trying to work things out-" Paul said crying, I've never seen this bulky man cry

"THERES NOTHING YOU CAN FIX, YOU'VE RUINED EVERYTHING!" Percy decided to join the party at screaming.

"Son, just hear me out." Paul was holding out his hands and he was walking towards Percy.

"Dont you 'SON' me, you have been nothing but pain to me and Allison, expecially Allison. How could you-" that's when Percy burst out crying and Allison just stood there staring down at her brother.

"Alli, are you okay?" I whispered into Alli's ear.

"Just wait and I'll tell you once I understand how I'm feeling." she answered back.

"Percy please just hear me out."

"NEVER!" Thats when Percy jumped on Paul and he started punching and kicking him. Paul didnt react, I'm pretty sure he thought he deserved it.

"STOP! Just stop." Alli screamed and she fell down onto her knees. Percy stopped right whenever he herd Alli yell. He ran to her side and he started apologizing to Alli.

"Percy, why are we fighting? We dont even know what dad has been through. We need to hear him out." Alli whispered to Percy

"Alli, he left us to deal with mum's and his death, why should we let him explain himself?"

"Percy, we only thought dad was killed, we were never told he was. We never even went to the funeral, how were we going to be able to know if he was killed?' Alli was shaking and I decided to hug her

"Sweethearts, you have been shut out of this world for a very long time. So have I, I never thought of coming to see you guys because I had a horrible feeling that I was going to walk into another family staying at our house. I thought you were killed Allison! Now that I see you two next to each other, I feel so sorry for what I have done. I dont blam you guys from hating me. It was all my fault that this happened. Its all my-" Paul was interupted with Allison and Percy huging him and kissing him.

"Daddy, this is all in the past we just need to focuss on the future and that is all." Allison said

"I love you dad." Percy was crying and so was Allison and Paul

"I love you daddy." Allison said this and it sounded like she never thought she was going to be able to say it to her father ever again.

"I love you Alligator and you Percimonster. I always have and I always will" Wow Paul is so sensitive at this moment I couldn't help but cry.

"AWWWW Stop it, I'm tearing up." Louis screamed while he was wiping away his tears.

"Oh shut up Louis." Theres our Paul.

We gathered all of our things and we walked out to go to the hotel.

"What a big happy family." I said as I was holding Allison's waist.

"Yeah, it sure is." Allison replied

"Hey, get your hands off of my carrot princess!" screamed Louis while trying to pry my arm off of Allison

"As if, do you want Eli to find out about this?" I said staring down at Louis

"Oh hell no I dont." Louis lifted him arms up and acted like he was surrendering to an arrest. Same old Louis.

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