Why are you so beautiful?

Allison loves to sing and she will do anything to get her life in order. It's kinda hard when she works at Starbucks. Unless, a curly haired boy comes and changes everything and her past starts haunting her.


20. The Surprise

Allison's POV

"Now I have to dress up and do my hair and jus UGH! Stupid Harry with his surprise! What am I going to wear! What's going to happen?" I rant out passing around my room with the girls with me. Eleanor, Dani, Perrie and Demi.

"Calm down girly! We got this!" Perrie said walking up to me with her purple hair pulled up in a ponytail.

"Leave it to the model." Eleanor said walking up to the clothes laied out on my bed.

"No! Let the dancers unit!" Dani siad jumping out of the couch and running to my side.

"Speaking of dancers, whens the next dance class?'' I ask Dani

"Oh, 'bout that, Simon wants to see you dance, at his house, or shall I say mansion, there is a dance studio and he wants you to perform for him, if you know what I mean?" Dani said wiggeling her eyebrows.

"Please dont get that image in my head!" I exclaim throwing my hands up in the air.

"Okay! Ladies! Time to get to work with Allison!" Demi said standing up and heating the curling iron.

"Lets do this!" All the girls squeal

"UGH! Do we have to? I have no problem going in my shorts and sweatshirt!" I exclaim. But the girls just roll their eyes.


"Done!" Demi screached

"Perfecto!" Eleanor said kissing her fingers like a Italian chef

"Lets see what the boys think." Dani and Perrie said

I walk over to the full length to inspect how I look. I gasp

"Is that me?" I say pointing to the image reflecting off of the mirror.
"Hell yeah thats you!" The girls said in unision. making me laugh.

The figure reflecting off of the mirror looks nothing like me. This girl had her hazel nut hair curled into tight ringlets. A sparkely orange dress fitted to her figure finished with golden stelettos. Her gray eyes poping out with the orange eyeshadow and eyeliner. Her lips pink and full as can be. Totally kissable, if I say so myself.

"Damn! I'm hot!" I say

"You sure do! Seems like a boys going to get turned on tonight!" Eleanor says

"El!" I say while turning bright pink.

"Whatever, you know I'm right. But no time for talking. Time to go impress your boyfriend." Eleanor said while pushing me to the door.

"Hold on." Perrie said walking down the stairs with the girls right behind her.

"Gentelmen, we are here to present the hottiest, sexiest, most georgous girl that has set foot on planet earth.....Allison Marie Jackson!!" The girls exclaimed, cuing me to walk down the stairs.

"Holy shit!" All the boys exclaimed with their jaws dropped down to the floor. Even my brother was shocked.

"Umm....dudes...close your god damn mouth, youll catch flies." I said snapping my fingers infront of Harrys eyes that are eye rapping me.

"Oh...yeah....holy shit" Harry said snapping out of his faze and turning bright red.

"Yeah, yeah, I understand. I'm just that sexy." I say snapping my fingers

"Hell yeah you are." Louis said, finally looking away from me.

"Lou! What about me?" Eleanor says while pouting

"Babe, your sexy in your own way, just like Allison." Louis said pulling Eleanor in for a kiss.

"Okay, can we get this done and over with. I need to wear my shorts and my sweatshirt and I need to dance! Hurry up babe. These shoes are the stupidest things invented. I'm going to kill the person that invented this shoes." I say taking Harry's outstreched arm.

Harry pulls me into the car and we drive off to somewhere that I have no clue about. Once we arrive, my mouth cannot even close.

"NO WAY!!! ED SHEERAN!!" I screached

"Yeah babe! I know how much you love him and this is only a little part of this date. Come on lets go!" Harry says opening my door and leading me to the arena.

"Oh my god! This is awsome!" I say once we walk through the doors to the arena.

"What do you want to now?" Harry asked

"Ummm....I think I'm gonna go pee." I say bolting to the bathroom. When I walk in, I'm greeted with a surprise. Taylor Swift fixing her hair. She walks past me and just looks up and down with discust. Whatever. She just be jelly. I decide to follow her. Once I walk out, I greeted with Taylor pulling Harry in for a kiss. Aww hell to the no!


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