Why are you so beautiful?

Allison loves to sing and she will do anything to get her life in order. It's kinda hard when she works at Starbucks. Unless, a curly haired boy comes and changes everything and her past starts haunting her.


10. The interview

Allison's POV
The studio was fun and we recorded a lot of songs. The boys finished their 'Take Me Home' album and I started my second album also.
"Babe, you ready for the interview with The Late Night Show?!" Harry said all excitedly
"Umm yeah I think so." I replied. To be honest, I was scared they were going to ask me questions that I didn't know the answer to. Harry must have read what I was thinking
"Babe, there's nothing you need to worry about, anyways, I'll be sitting next to you the entire time."
"And what, that's supposed to help me?" I replied
"You know what?" He said
"What Harold?"
"Just think of everyone in their undergarments" replied Harry adding, "You already know how I look."
"Wow, Harry that was so self centered, you have no idea how selfish that just sounded." I playfully punched him and we walked away to the van.
When we walked out, I was shocked to see how many people were outside. The streets were full of fans and paps. Me and Harry ran to the car and we quickly sat inside and drove away.
"Ready Freddy?!?" Louis said all excited
"Yuparido!!" I replied
"KEVIN!!!! Hey guys its Kevin!!! He just pooped on the window!!!" Louis stuck his head out the window and screamed. "PRAISE THE HEAVENLY KEVIN!!! I WILL WORSHIP THE POOP YOU LEFT ON THIS CAR!!" Louis is so crazy
"You will worship your Kevin right after I kill him. I just cleaned the car!!!" My dad said all angrily
Everyone started laughing and we pulled up to the interview station.
*2 hours later*
Harry's POV
"Man that interview was amazing!" I said while getting into the car.
Allison decided to go shopping with the girls and then we where going to meet up at our flat later. All of the boys share that same flat, but we have separate rooms.
"Boys, how are we going to get Allison tell us about the night?" Liam asked
"I don't know but we need Percy to be with us. Percy will you help us have your sister tell us about that night?" I asked
"To be honest with you guys, I don't even know what happened that night. I really would like to know also." Percy replied
Everyone's jaws dropped
"How could you not know about that night?" Niall asked
"All I know is that Allison's ex-boyfriend is the cause of this, and he hasn't been caught. The murderer of my mom and the person that tied to kill Allison was her ex-boyfriend, Josh." Percy said
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