Why are you so beautiful?

Allison loves to sing and she will do anything to get her life in order. It's kinda hard when she works at Starbucks. Unless, a curly haired boy comes and changes everything and her past starts haunting her.


11. Telling the truth

Allison's POV
Me and the girls literally shopped in till we dropped. When me and the girls walked into the room, all of the boys were sitting around the couch and they were all serious.
"Hey guys what's up?" I asked all concerned
"Allison, it's time for you to explain what happened the night mum was killed and the night your soul was damaged." Percy said staring at me with his gray eyes. Why is he asking me this. He knows how hurt I was and how scared I am to even say his name.
"W-w-why?" I said already tears forming in my eyes
"Babe, I need to know what happened so I can help put you back together." Harry said all concerned and he started wiping away my tears.
"The thing is, you can't fix me! I will alway be broken!" That's when I broke down and I started crying like a total idiot.
"Hush baby please don't cry, just explain what happened." Harry said carrying me to the couch. That's when I had the courage to explain it all.
"It was a horrible night that night. Me and — Josh were out on a date. Lately, Josh became very abusive. He said that my parents were getting in the way of him taking me away forever. He said that he was planning on doing something that night that will finally get him to have me forever with nobody taking me away from him. I ran home that night and I didn't know he was following me. We walked into the house with a knife and I was upstairs getting ready for bed. I herd a scream that came from my mum. I ran down stairs and I saw Josh with a bloody knife in his hand and my mum dead on the floor with blood all over her. Before my mum drifted off to the other world she said 'I love you and tell your brother I love him too.' My mum meant everything to me and I pulled together strength and I ran up to Josh to attack him. I did a pretty good job at hurting him, but he won the fight whenever he put the knife to my neck and he slid it deep into me. That's how I got this scar. But Josh was interrupted whenever my dad, Paul, walked into the house. I blanked out whenever I herd a scream and I thought it came from my dad. That's why I thought he was dead. Apparently, Josh had a friend with him that night and Josh ran away. My dad killed the friend and that's why the police said that two bodies were found. Me and Percy didn't ask who's bodies they were, we thought it was mums and dads bodies. The police didn't feel like telling us who it actually was. All I know, Josh is still out there and he will kill me again. I have been getting threatening notes everyday before I met you guys. I scared and I don't know what to do!" There I finally said it. I was shaking and crying into Harry's chest whenever I was finished.
Harry's POV
That bastard hurt my Allison and I will do anything so see him suffer and rot in every way possible. I will never hurt Allison. I will give her unconditional love everyday and I plan on marrying her one day.
Louis POV
Allison is like a little sister to me. I will do anything to save her and to get the bastard in jail. I will never stop and rest in-till he is gone for good.
Liam's POV
Why Allison, why? She is to angel like to suffer this much pain. I will do anything to help protect her, anything. All I got say, I hate this Josh guy more then I hate spoons.
Nialls POV
I will do anything to get this guy Josh out of Allis life. Even if that means selling Nando's
Zayn's POV
Oh it's on like donkey kong. I will get Josh pay for what he has done to our little princess.
Percy's POV
I will kill him!
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