Why are you so beautiful?

Allison loves to sing and she will do anything to get her life in order. It's kinda hard when she works at Starbucks. Unless, a curly haired boy comes and changes everything and her past starts haunting her.


3. Seeing the boys again

Allison's POV
Today is the day and I am so excited. My parents would be so proud of me. I just love what I amazing and it is all for them. I got up and took a shower and put on my black skinny jeans and my pink t shirt with a black blazer over it. I also wore my pink Toms and I walked out of my room. I decided to just put some eye liner on, since my skin dosn't need any cover up. As I walked downstairs, I was shocked to see my brother all dressed and ready to go to the studio.
"Morning Alligator!!" said Percy, I just hate that stupid nickname he gave me.
"Morning Percimonster!" haha sucker, I got a nickname for you too.
We ate our normal breakfast, amazing, fancy, show stoping, Coco Puffs cereal.
We got into my baby blue 1964 Mustang. Man I just love this car. Also, this was my moms car so it makes me happy to drive it.
During the car ride, we were jamming out to Viva la Vida. When we pulled up to the studio, I was greatted by Harry and the boys and also, loads of screaming fans.
What have I gotten myself into?
Harry's POV
Man, when I saw Allison pull up in her baby blue mustang, I literally died and went to heaven. Also when I saw her outfit and her altogether, I was falling head over heals in love with her. Why is she so amazingly amazing? Harry pull yourself together man, don't got begging to her like a puppy. But who am I to blam, anyone would be stupid enough not to fall for her.
"Hey guys!" she sing songed. Her voice was just amazing and words can't even describe it. That's when I realized I was staring.
"Oh....um......Hi!" I said all shakingly
"Smooth" whispered Louis in my ear.
"Hello love, or shall I say, my carrot princess, come with me love." Louis took her arm and wrapped it around his. Allison greatted everyone else and I decided to talk to her brother. Me and Percy talked about the stupidest things every, but we hit it off.
"Listen bro, don't mean to be a party pooper, but my sister, I can see the way you look at her and I see the way she looks at you. You need to know that me and my sister expecially have been through a lot of crap lately and I don't want you to break her. I know your record in girls. I don't want my sister to be another pair of clothes you change daily." Percy said while digging his grey eyes into me. I will never do that to Allison, there is something different about her. I can finally smile without forcing it out of me. I need to get her and she needs to be mine.
"I understand, and I swear upon my pussy cat Molly, I will never do anything to hurt your sister, she's too special for that." I told Percy and it came from my heart.
That's when we walked into the studio and Allison stopped in her tracks when she saw Paul, so did Percy.
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