Why are you so beautiful?

Allison loves to sing and she will do anything to get her life in order. It's kinda hard when she works at Starbucks. Unless, a curly haired boy comes and changes everything and her past starts haunting her.


8. My new life

Allison's POV When we arrived to the hotel, I gotta admit, this is the most fancyest thing I have ever seen. "Where am I going to sleep?" I questioned the boys. "With me of course." Harry replied "Um hum, you arnt planning on sleeping with my girl are you?" My dad said giving Harry the death stare. "Um... no sir." Harry said freaking out. "Yes, tremble before me my peasant!" my dad said and he was laughing. Man do I miss that laugh. "Harry, chillax. my dads only kidding. Arn't you father?" I said staring deep into my dads brown eyes that fills me with warmth. "Of course sweetheart, just kidding around with my boys." my dad replied while playfully punching Harry. "What is wrong with you guys" I asked "Love, you have gotten yourself into a real roller coster." said Harry after he kissed me "Hey, isn't that what makes the ride so special?" I replied after giving him a reassuring smile. "Don't mind me guys, but I'm about to puck it my entire lunch of Nando's and you know how much I ate today?!?" screamed Niall "Oh hush it Niall, maybe it's a good thing, you need to cut back on your eating." I said and this is not the beginning of an amazing life.
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