Why are you so beautiful?

Allison loves to sing and she will do anything to get her life in order. It's kinda hard when she works at Starbucks. Unless, a curly haired boy comes and changes everything and her past starts haunting her.


22. Happiness

Allison's POV

"Harry..." I was about to answer only to be interupted by Harry.

"Your gonna say no. I understand, I understand." He states getting up from his position and walking off.

"Harry!!! Wait!!" I scream trying to catch up to him. "God damnit Harry!!!! Listen to me!!!" With that he turns around.

"I dont want to listen because I already know your answer, its gonna be-" I cut him off by saying


"What?" He replied all confused.

"Your so slow Harry. Here I'll say it. Harry Edward Styles, I will marry you!" I say smileing. Harry gives me his million dollar smile with his dimples showing off.

"No way!?!?!" Harry screamed

"No, I'm just playing you." I say rolling my grey eyes.

"As if" Harry says pulling me in for the most passionate kiss. Full of love, lust, and passion. Everything is just perfect with me in my loves arms.

"So, does this mean your going to be the new Allsion Marie Styles? I feel like the night in shining armor and I just battled the big bad dragon" Harry asked

"Sounds about right. But now you need to go battle the biggest dragon in the entire kingdom." I say only inches from his lips.

"And who would that be?" He asked leaning in for another kiss.

"My brother and my dad. I wish you luck my peasent and its time for us to go!" I say pulling away and running off to the limo, still soaking wet.

"Hey! Dosn't this remind you of something?" Oh, right!

"Our first kiss?" I say wiggeling my eyebrows

"Greatest day of my life! I love you babe!" Harry states pulling me into him

"Arent you forgetting someting?" I ask

"No, did I forget something?" He clearly knows what I'm talking about

"My ring!" I screetch

"Oh, yeah that?" He asked

"Yes that! Can I pwetty pwease swee wit?"  I ask with my best puppy dog eyes. I could feel him melting down in my arms.

"Okay fine! Only if you stop doing that. Your way cuter than Niall. Is that even possible?" Harry asks pulling out the ring from his pocket. In the velvet box was a geourgeous diamond ring. It has a bueitiful heart shaped cut that can make any girl melt into a puddle.

"Oh my gosh this is so cute!" I scretch as Harry puts the ring on my finger

"You sure? I thought you wouldnt like it." Harry asked

"Thats bull! Its amazing. Everything is perfect." I tell him

Once we pull up to the hotel Harry tenses up next to me.

"Don't worry, they need to approve." I tell him, reshuring him.

We walk up to the door and open it. Everyone is sitting on the couch, including my dad. Holy shit, we are actually going to do this.

"Why the hell areyou so wet?!" Liam exclaimed from the couch.

"We got some news" Harry says from next to me, hidding my ring with his hand.

"YOUR PREGNANT!!!!" My dad and brother scream.

"HELL NO!! No offense Hazz" I whisper the last part to Harry.

"We are getting married!" Harry says to eveyone.

"FINALLY!!!" Everyone screamed, including my dad and brother

"YOUR FINALLY GOING TO BE MY BRO!!" Percy scretched like a teenage girl meeting Justin Bieber.

"Whao, your not mad?" I ask my dad and brother

"Hell to the no!" both of them scream

"I am happy for you love!" my dad says pulling me in for a hug.

"CONGRATS!!" everyone screams.



"EVERYONE-" I cut everyone off

"HOLD YOUR HORSES!! I NEED TO SLEEP!!" Me and Harry both say walking up the stairs and going into our room and laying into bed.

"Tomorrow, we are going to visit my parents."Harry whispers in my ear.

"Okay. I'm sleeping. Goodnight babe. I love you." I say kissing him before cuddeling into him.

"I love you too!!" he screams


"Sorry!" he whisper yells "Goodnight love!"

"Goodnight babe!" I screamed.


"I think we should make eveyone hear us 'having it'" I say putting air quotes for 'having it'

Me and Harry both have mishtovious grins and we high five each other. I get off the bed and walk to the door to make sure eveything is silent. Then I slam myself to the door with Harry right next to me.

"HAAARRRYYY!" I fake moan

"UGH ALLLIIISSOOON!!" Harry moans back

"OHHH HARDER HARRY! HARDER! UGH! OH MY GOD! HARRY!" I bang my self on the door. Me and Harry trying to hide our laughs. I hear footsteps coming from many people then I hear whispering outside of my door. Definettly coming from the boys.


"ALLLLLIIIISOOOON!!" Harry fake moans. I bang myself on the door and I hear gasps and shocked voices coming from the door. I jerk the door open and in falls 6 stupid boys with the girls behind them. Me and Harry start bursting out in laughter and eveyone turns red.

"Goodnight guys!" Everyone says and they walk away.

"Yeah!!! Goodnight!!" Me and Harry call out and we crawl into bed. Me cuddeling agianst Harry and falling into a deep dark dreamless sleep.

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