Why are you so beautiful?

Allison loves to sing and she will do anything to get her life in order. It's kinda hard when she works at Starbucks. Unless, a curly haired boy comes and changes everything and her past starts haunting her.


9. Everything is just perfect

Harry's POV
It's been two months ever since I met this hot lady at Starbucks. Now she is sleeping in my room and I am so lucky to be able to call her mine.
I couldn't help but stare at her. Her beautiful, full pink lips pouted out whenever she is asleep. Her hair flows down and it covers her right shoulder. Allison never told us why she always covers her shoulder, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with that horrific night. But, me and the boys all know that we are going to have Allison explain to us what happened. Her hazel nut curly hair is so silky soft that I can fall asleep on it and it feels like clouds. Wow, I sound so awkward. Allison started moving around under my arms and she opened her big grey eyes and she smiled. Man I would pay billions just to she her eyes open to look at me every morning.
"Morning beautiful." I said, can't you get any more cheesier Harry?
"Morning babe! What time is it?" Alli said in the most hottest voice in the world.
"10:30 why?"
Her eyes bulged and she screamed while getting up "10:30!!!! We need to be at the studio at 11!!" she was running into the closet and getting into the bathroom.
"Babe I need to shower and who do you." I said
"Well we don't have enough time for two showers" she answered while turning on the water.
"That's what I was thinking..." Allison opened the door and stuck her head out
"What are you thinking about Harold?"
"We'll since we don't have enough time for two showers, why don't we only make it one?" I said with hope in my voice and eyes.
"You have been planning this hasn't you love?" she questioned while starring at me.
"Of course not!" I answered all shocked
"Get in here Harold. But my dad does not know about this." she said trying to act all evil
"My lips... Are sealed" I said while locking my lips with a fake key.
This shower was one of the greatest showers I have ever had. When me got dressed and we walked down the stair to the lobby of the hotel, we were greeted by the boys and Paul.
"Hey guys!" Allison singsonged
"Hello love!" all the boys replied in unison
Allison ran to El and Dani and they started talking about god knows what. If you guys don't know, Allison is pretty amazing friends with the girls. She told me that she always dreamed of having a sister and now she has El and Dani.
All of the guys and the girls are planning in having Allison explain to us what happened that horrific night tonight after we came back from the interview and the studio. Allison released her album called 'Wonderstruck' and it has become a world wide hit.
"Boys and ladies, we need to go off to the studio and then to our interview. Lets get going!" Paul is our bodyguard and the only adult around us. He rattled up into the van and we decided to play truth or dare
"Percy, truth or dare?" said Allison all angel like
"Um Dare" Percy answered
"I dare you to kiss your crush whenever we get to the studio." Allison replied
"Evil little girl are you" Louis said while giving his best evil laugh.
"Allison, I will not kiss the studio worker." Percy explained
"Wow, bro you got a crush on Angel, gross!!" Zayn said while holding back his laughter
"No I don't, Allison give we another dare!" pleaded Percy
"Sure thing, kiss Niall, on the lips" Allison said with the evilest smirk
"Why are you my sister!?!" Percy was fuming and every one in the car was double over laughing
"Come at me Percy, I don't bight." Niall said acting like everything was okay
Percy went over the Niall and he quickly kissed Niall then he went off to the other side of the car and started gagging. Everyone was in tears because of the laughter. Niall was making kissing faces at Percy and he was all like "Baby come back!" To Percy
When we arrived, everyone have to conceal themselves to confront the fans and the paps. Surprisingly, the fans and the paps love Allison. When she stepped out of the car, she treated all of the fans and even the paps. Everyone is shocked on how she takes this fame hood.
Whenever she was going to walk into the studio, she turned around and screamed
"I LOVE YOU ALL!" When Allison screamed that, everyone went crazy. Everything is just perfect.
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