Why are you so beautiful?

Allison loves to sing and she will do anything to get her life in order. It's kinda hard when she works at Starbucks. Unless, a curly haired boy comes and changes everything and her past starts haunting her.


14. Everything getting back to normal, for now......

Allison's POV
*2 weeks later*
There was another interview today. I decided to go with the boys again because it was said to be a comedic act.
(By the way guys I made up the interviewer)
"So boys, I was wondering who is single and who I completely off the market." Jason asked the boys
"Niall?" James asked
"I am currently single." Niall said giving his angel like look to the fans.
"It won't be for long..." Louis whispered
"Then how about you Louis?" Jason asked
"HARRY OF COURSE!!!" Louis screamed while sitting on Harry's lap.
"Is this true Harry?" Jason asked
"Oh course not! I am currently dating the hottest girl in town. Allison Jackson!!!" Harry said while staring at me. I started blushing when the cameras came on me.
"HARRY!?!" Louis shouted acting like he was hurt "I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!!!"
"Pumpkin! This is not what it looks like!" Harry said playing along
"You're cheating on me with her! Is it because of the eyes?" Louis said batting his eyelashes
"Pumpkin, we have something different. It's time for you to move on." Harry said calming Louis down because Louis was fake crying on the floor next to Harry's feet.
"Alright love!" Louis said jumping up and fake making out with Harry.
"GET A ROOM!" I screamed from the audience.
"GLADDLY! COME ON HAZZA!!" Louis said trying to pull Harry away.
"I would rather do it with Allison!" Harry replied looking at me from the audience.
I blew him a kiss and he cought it and kepted it in his pocket.
"AWWWW!!" The audience said
"Guess I got me some compotition!!" Louis said fake pulling out his earrings. "HOLD ME BACK!"
"COME AT ME BRO!!" I said standing up.
"Allison, will you give us the honor of joining us on stage?" Jason asked.
"Sure, why not?" I said jumping up and running to sit next to Harry. I noticed their was no room, so Harry pulled me into his lap.
The interview lasted for a while in till we had to go back to the flat
This interview lasted for over an hour and then we set off to the flat.
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