Why are you so beautiful?

Allison loves to sing and she will do anything to get her life in order. It's kinda hard when she works at Starbucks. Unless, a curly haired boy comes and changes everything and her past starts haunting her.


17. Darkness

Allison's POV
Why does it always have to be me? My life was just getting better! What will happen to my Harry? My love. My soul. My everything. All I know, my Harry will find someone when I'm gone.
"Allison love, please, please pull through for me!" I heard my loves voice.
I tried to answer back, but I couldn't.
"Allison! Baby please don't go." Louis said trying to calm the mood down. Man do I love that boy.
I saw the light, I had a slight edge to pull through it.... You have no idea who I saw there......

Harry's POV
Allison's heartbeat was getting distant.
"THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!!!" I screamed
Allison's heartbeat stopped. I hate that sound. The sound of my love going away from me forever.
"NNNNNOOOOOO!!!!" All of the boys screamed while crying our hearts out.
The doctor came in, pulling my love away from me forever. I followed. All of the boys followed. I am not will not give up. She needs to come back to me! My Love for Christ sake!! Give her back to me!

Allison's POV
I saw my mom. She looked so glowing and beautiful as ever.
"Mummy?" I said with tears in my eyes.
"Allison, love, you need to go back. The boys need you in their lives. Go back to them honey. Go back. Tell them all that I love them. Especially your young love. Harry isn't it? Go to him sweetheart! GO!" I mum said. That's whenever I returned to the darkness. I felt my heartbeat pick up, my lungs started functioning, everything coming back to normal.

Harrys POV
I way holding Allison's hand and walking down to the morgue with her. That's when something miraculous happened. Allison shot up and she took a deep breath. SHE'S BACK!
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