Why are you so beautiful?

Allison loves to sing and she will do anything to get her life in order. It's kinda hard when she works at Starbucks. Unless, a curly haired boy comes and changes everything and her past starts haunting her.


18. Awakening

Allison's POV
"Love?!" Harry exclaimed.
"What do you want?" I replied.
"Um, WHAT DO I WANT, YOU WERE DEAD!!" Harry screamed while the boys had a shocked expression.
"And?" Maybe I should make the boys pissed.
"Allison, you have no idea what I had to go.....you were....Allison, I can't...." That's when Harry started crying and behind Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam were trying to hide their tears.
"Babe, please don't cry, please." I said while holding Harry in my arms.
"I know I'm sorry. But how come your trying to pull this off like its nothing?" Harry asked and the boys nodded.
"Well.... You see..." I was rescued by Percy interrupting me.
"She already died once." Percy finished for me.
"WHAT!?" All the boys screamed.
"It's nothing to be worried of. I died the night of my moms murder, but yet again I came back from the dead. I didn't get scared this time because I saw my mom." I said,
"What do you mean you saw mom?" Percy asked.
I explained to the boys what I saw and what my mom said.
"Holy shit! Harry, Allison's mom approves you from the dead!" Niall screamed, and then Liam hit him upside the head.
"DUDE!" Zayn screamed.
"Guys, it's okay and Niall, yeah pretty much." I replied while laughing at the leprechauns expression.
"What if she sees you guys doing....." Niall was cut off by Harry.
"What the hell Niall! Your just going to make it even more awkward for me!" Harry exclaimed while full if blushing.
I decided to pinch Harry's checks. "Man, what would I do without you guys?"
"Allison, I'm sorry." Percy finally spoke for once.
"Umm, what do you mean bro?"
"If I didn't scream at you and didn't let you run away, this wouldn't have happened!" Percy said while punching the wall.
"Calm down bro and its nothing to be mad about. I shouldn't have ran away. I'm sorry for putting you guys through this, but I would really appreciate it if we just ditch this shithole. " I replied back
Everyone started cracking up. "Aww, Allibear!" Louis squeaked and ran up to my bed tackling me into a bear hug.
"Louis....can't....breath....." I chocked out
"Louis, she's mine."
"SHE'S MINE!!!" Louis screeched in my ear, just like one of those video diaries I was for forced to watch.
"She's not Mary, Louis! She's my girlfriend!" Harry said playing along.
"I am not a property and I cannot be claimed. Either or, Harry is mine, so beat it Louis and go to you Kevin!" I said.
"Ha!" Harry snorted while pulling me in for a hug,
"Hurtful Allison!" Louis said while clutching his heart. "But...Kevin....he's...gone!" Louis screamed while running into my arms and fake crying. "First you take my Hazza Bear and you don't let me to have you. And now your telling me to go find my Kevin that is gone!?"
"I'm sorry Louis, but you got yourself Eleanor!" I exclaimed.
"I know, but may I ask you this question?" What the.... " Will you be my wife?"
"The hell Louis!" Harry exclaimed.
"Don't blame the boy! Allison knows how to cook, and she cooks really good may I add. But I would ask her to be my wife because she cooks. You know how much I love my food!" Niall exclaimed.
"Like I said, lets leave this shithole and go somewhere else. Please!" I exclaimed hugging my Harry.
"Sure thing babe. But I got something special for you." Harry whispered into my ear and shivers went down my spine.
"Oooo la la. Me excited!" I exclaimed while laughing.
"I love you girly"
"I love you too hot hunk." I said back. Right when I said that, Harry pulled me into a kiss. His tongue asking for entrance. I was going to grant it, not in till I herd this.
"MY EYES!!!" Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Liam exclaimed. We pulled apart and I turned around giving them a death glare.
"Don't you dare start that. I don't say anything while you make out with your girlfriends now do I?"
"No my queen, it shall never happen again. Please don't look at my with you gray eyes!" Louis said while bowing down to me.
"Man do I love you guys." I said while clutching onto Harry's arm and walking out the hospital. Only to be greeted by flashing lights and screaming girls.
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