That Day At The Bakery

Alex is just your average girl. One day she decided to go to a bakery and she bumped into a guy called Harry. Harry really likes Alex but she has a boyfriend. read to find out what happens...


6. scary movie

Harry's POV

The water started to get cold so we went inside the house.

I got everyone a towel to dry off and grabbed some blankets.

Alex sat next to me on the couch.

"Do you guys want to watch a scary movie?" I asked.

"Yeah, which one?" Liam Questioned.

"Paranormal activity 4!" Zayn Shouted.

"You okay with that babe?" I asked Alex.

"Yes, I love scary movies!" She answered.

I went to the kitchen and made some popcorn.

I brought the popcorn to share with everyone else.

I sat down next to Alex and I started the movie.

About half way through the movie Alex put her head on my shoulder.

I started to stroke her hair and she looked up at me and smiled.

we both fell asleep shortky after.



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